created to be his help meet

Although I’m not married, I’ve thought more than once about the concept of submission.  While submission is not found solely within the confines of marriage, when related to women it’s usually immediately thought of within that context.  Usually the very word brings with it a sort of cringe inside!  While I wouldn’t say that this book takes the cringe completely away it does present the idea of submission in a positive light!  Actually it delivers a refreshed concept on what it means to be a woman. 

In a nutshell I would say that this book gives:

a. meaning to a woman’s role in relationship to her husband

b. insight for understanding your husband

c. hope for a very happy marriage and help and wisdom to achieve it

You’ve heard about men who think they’re God’s gift to women? This book explains that women are God’s gift to men! Debi Pearl explains that when you realize a woman was designed especially to complete and be a help to a man, your whole purpose for being here is adjusted. When you put that concept into practice your husband’s whole attitude toward you will be greatly adjusted, too, and in such a way that you will definitely want to keep up the good work! So say the testimonies!  >>click here to learn more about the book

The author, Debi Pearl, and her husband, Michael Pearl, are also the authors of the book, To Train Up A Child.  They edit the No Greater Joy magazine and the website (see link).  They have a simple yet seemingly revolutionary approach to training children and life in general.  If you don’t think “outside the box” you may be taken aback at first glance when you read some of their writings.  Overall, they have some of the best ideas I’ve ever come across and the good thing about them is that they are all from a Biblical approach.  I must admit that when I read their writings I’m a bit jealous (in a good way) at the simple, happy, and productive way in which they have learned to live life! I can’t imagine having a family without having the Pearl’s materials to glean from!  If I could only have one resource other than the Bible for inspiration I believe it would be theirs. 

Check out their website and sign up for their free bi-monthly magazine full of fresh inspiration and insight for having a happy home and life!


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