statement by wal-mart

In case you hadn’t heard…Wal-Mart has issued a statement indicating they will not be supporting “highly controversial issues…” and that they do “not have a position on same sex marriage and…do not give preference to gay or lesbian suppliers.”
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As a result the American Family Association has retracted the boycott planned for Wal-Mart the Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving.
Click on the link to AFA to see their full statement in response to Wal-Mart’s action.

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2 thoughts on “statement by wal-mart

  1. Rachel, I wasn’t surprised when they released that statement. Their sales were at record lows after going public with the plan to begin funding The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce events. What did surprise me was that evidently a substantial number of christians or conservatives decided to send Wal-Mart a message. And to some degree Wal-Mart got the message.

    It is a very careful and well thought out statement by the company. Their goal is to keep both grass-roots americans happy while still expanding their Gay and Lesbian market-share.

    I realize that Christians can’t change everybody and every company. But I hope that some Christians will still do what they can. It may be true tomorrow or the next day that a Giant company like Wal-Mart who has made the entire world so dependent on them will be able to make drastic shifts in policy towards immorality, without Christians so much as batting an eye – but not today.


  2. Two of the points you made are quite frightening… (1) that we have become so dependent on our “rollback savings” and (2) that many conservative Christians can (or have) become like the frog slowly heated in the water to his own demise.

    On Wal-Mart dependency – Brother Bernard Lewis, from our church, is the only person I personally know who has succeeded in not becoming Wal-Mart dependent. To my knowledge he has never shopped there. His long-time policy has been due to being a small business owner. He consistently supports the locally owned businesses versus the corporate giants. (On a side note…how does a small business achieve the American dream without becoming a corporate giant who puts all the other small businesses out of business?)

    Regarding the shift of morality in the culture – the abnormal and abominable have gradually become so normal that we cease being shocked at it. That is truly scary.

    As you said, the good point in all this is that there are still conservatives/Christians who act on their convictions. An army of one still can make a difference!


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