the discus thrower

I recently heard a story on the radio that lodged in my mind.  I so wanted to know it in its entirety and after much searching finally located it on the internet.  This story is for all of us who at times get to feeling like the burden we carry is just too heavy and not fair – as well as for those of us who eagerly embrace a challenge.  After you read this story you may realize that you are in training for something you’re completely unaware of at the time.  The heavy burden you carry may in fact be the wings that carry you to victory.

The following was taken from these links Preaching Now and

[In their book The Sacred Romance (Thomas Nelson), John Eldredge and Brent Curtis write: “A 19th-century Scottish discus thrower lived in the days before professional trainers and developed his skills alone in the highlands of his native village, making his own discus from the description he read in a book. What he didn’t know was the discus used in competition was made of wood with an outer rim of iron. His was solid metal and weighed three or four times as much as those being used by his would-be challengers. This committed Scotsman marked out his field the distance of the current record throw and trained day and night to be able to match it. “For nearly a year, he labored under the self-imposed burden of the extra weight, becoming very good. He reached the point at which he could throw his iron discus the record distance and traveled south to
England for his first competition. When he arrived at the games, he was handed the official wooden discus — which he promptly threw like a tea saucer, setting a new record, a distance so far beyond those of his competition that no one could touch him. For many years he remained the uncontested champion. Something in my heart connected with this story. So that’s how you do it: Train under a great burden and you will be so far beyond the rest of the world you will be untouchable.”]

Remember that when you make sacrifices for a higher goal you not only reap the benefits but you spread seeds of hope, inspiration, and encouragement for others.

“For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.” -Romans 8:19


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