saved by a spider

At the recommendation of my dear friend, Galadriel, I recently purchased a book by Charles Swindoll titled, Perfect Trust. It’s really good…just as she said it would be.

I really liked this particular story and wanted to share it. No matter where you are…if you know God and have Him on your side…you can rest assured He is close by watching over you and He may just come to your rescue in the most unusual way. He did for this man.

The story goes…
“Many, many years ago, Felix of Nola was escaping his enemies, and…took temporary refuge in a cave. He had scarcely entered the opening of the cave before a spider began to weave its web across the small opening. With remarkable speed, the insect completely sealed off the mouth of the cave with an intricate web, giving the appearance that the cave had not been entered for many weeks. As Felix’s pursuers passed by, they saw the web and didn’t even bother to look inside. Later, as the godly fugitive stepped out into the sunlight, he uttered these insightful words: “Where God is, a spider’s web is a wall; where He is not, a wall is but a spider’s web.” ”

Reading this caused me to reflect on this verse in the Bible I read just this morning…
The earth is the LORD”s, and the fulness thereof; the world and they that dwell therein.” -Psalm 24:1

Truly the vastness of God’s creation belongs to Him and is at His disposal…even spiders! As great and awesome as He is, He is still so aware of our every need and cares for us as if we were His only child. He is Master Designer, Protector, Friend, Father and so much more…all in One!


my remodeling efforts :-)

This is NOT an inspirational post!  After much trial and error I have succeeded in actually changing my header image (as you can see).  It worked…finally! 

Just as a heads up…I may try out other themes (involving layout and color scheme, etc.)  I’m not sure yet how to do that in a test mode (so you don’t have to watch any remodeling efforts) so you may see new looks from time to time when you visit if I’m in a creative mode!  Unfortunately, I love doing things like that and although figuring out how to do them can be frustrating it’s also a challenge I rather enjoy – and as a result – I get in that mode way too often!   

Also…I recently had a link to subscribe to this blog’s feed (automatically receiving the posts written here – in your email box).  I couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted, so until I figure out how to do that (if I ever do 🙂 it probably won’t be up again!  Not that I post often enough to even merit you subscribing…or that you would want to…but just an explanation for the sudden appearance and disappearance of it! 

Thanks for your patience! Rachel

modesty survey

Many of you probably are aware of Josh Harris…author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Boy Meets Girl, and other titles as well.  He has two younger brothers, Brett Harris and Alex Harris, who have a website that encourages a “rebellion” if you will…against conformation to the culture that is so anti-Christian. 

In their counter-culture approach they recently launched a modesty survey where Christian girls could present questions regarding modesty for Christian guys to respond to and answer.  The questions are all in and it is the guys’ turn to respond to them. 

Girls, please consider asking your Christian guy friends…brothers…husbands…even fathers (there’s no age limit) who care and have a high standard to respond to this survey and let their voice be heard. 

Guys, let girls know how you feel.  As a young woman I can personally say that it means a great deal to me to know a guy really values and appreciates my trying to dress modestly and yet attractively.  Make it known that you notice and care…if in fact you do.  Let girls know that they don’t need to dress risque to be found attractive because inside they yearn for affirmation and approval from you.  When it’s given for the right reasons it is doublefold not only in that it affirms and approves but inspires them to hold their head high in a world full of compromise and know that they are valued for not only their natural beauty but their integrity. 

As a disclaimer, I must say that I am not suggesting that I will necessarily agree with all the results of the survey.  That is not the point.  The point is that this should reveal that Christian guys do care about the modesty of girls and should provoke us girls to higher standards of modesty in order to please Christ and not be stumblingblocks for our brothers in the Lord. 

You may click on the modesty survey link on this site…or click the link to The Rebelution’s website.  You will need to register to participate. 

Thanks for responding! Rachel

be still my soul

When peace like a river attendeth my way.  When storm clouds like sea billows roll.  Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say it is well, it is well with my soul.

The lines from this familiar hymn came to me as I sat here thinking of the peace that can come when I rest in the Lord.  No matter what my circumstances when I remind myself of the truth of how things really are…I can rest because God has my life in His hands. 

“Be still, my soul! the Lord is on thy side; Bear patiently the cross of grief or pain.  Leave to thy God to order and provide; In every change He faithful will remain.  Be still, my soul! thy best, thy heav’nly Friend thro’ thorny ways leads to a joyful end.

Be still, my soul! thy God doth undertake to guide the future as He has the past.  Thy hope, thy confidence let nothing shake;  All now mysterious shall be bright at last.  Be still, my soul! the waves and winds still know His voice who ruled them while He dwelt below.

Be still, my soul! the hour is hastn’ning on when we shall be forever with the Lord, When disappointment, grief, and fear are gone, sorrow forgot, love’s purest joys restored.  Be still, my soul! when change and tears are past, all safe and blessed we shall meet at last.

Katharina von Schlegel

It is such a consolation to know that Jesus is constant.  I can rest because He is on the job.  Even when things feel uncertain my steps are being ordered of the Lord. 

A friend just recently gave me this word picture.  Imagine God sitting at a desk.  A secretary comes in and hands Him a set of files.  They have my name written on the tabs.  He looks over them carefully and in as He does He comments over the variety of assignments and circumstances contained therein.  “Yes, she can handle this.  I know she’s well capable of this.  Oh…I can entrust this to her because I know she can carry this out.  No…there’s no way I would do this to her!  This would be absolutely too much to ask.  I won’t ask her to do that.”  As He returns the files He has made choice…choice between what is too heavy for me at the time and what would help me to grow even though maybe a difficult challenge.  But one thing for sure…I can rest assured I am faced with nothing that has not passed through His hands first. 

He is my father.  My Abba Father.  I love to just say those words sometimes…Abba Father.  He has given me such a wonderful demonstration of a real father in my own natural father.  When I’m happy He rejoices with me.  When I’m sad He holds me in his arms and cries with me.  In many of my most difficult times in life…my father has given me the security of knowing I am loved and understood.  He doesn’t have to fix my problem necessarily…just comfort, hold, and assure me he cares.  How much more my Heavenly Father must love me.  What a difference it makes to view God as a loving Father rather than a severe judge. 

Thank You, Father, for Your steadfast love, mercy, forgiveness, comfort, care, and Your arms that just hold me and remind me I am loved.