modesty survey

Many of you probably are aware of Josh Harris…author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Boy Meets Girl, and other titles as well.  He has two younger brothers, Brett Harris and Alex Harris, who have a website that encourages a “rebellion” if you will…against conformation to the culture that is so anti-Christian. 

In their counter-culture approach they recently launched a modesty survey where Christian girls could present questions regarding modesty for Christian guys to respond to and answer.  The questions are all in and it is the guys’ turn to respond to them. 

Girls, please consider asking your Christian guy friends…brothers…husbands…even fathers (there’s no age limit) who care and have a high standard to respond to this survey and let their voice be heard. 

Guys, let girls know how you feel.  As a young woman I can personally say that it means a great deal to me to know a guy really values and appreciates my trying to dress modestly and yet attractively.  Make it known that you notice and care…if in fact you do.  Let girls know that they don’t need to dress risque to be found attractive because inside they yearn for affirmation and approval from you.  When it’s given for the right reasons it is doublefold not only in that it affirms and approves but inspires them to hold their head high in a world full of compromise and know that they are valued for not only their natural beauty but their integrity. 

As a disclaimer, I must say that I am not suggesting that I will necessarily agree with all the results of the survey.  That is not the point.  The point is that this should reveal that Christian guys do care about the modesty of girls and should provoke us girls to higher standards of modesty in order to please Christ and not be stumblingblocks for our brothers in the Lord. 

You may click on the modesty survey link on this site…or click the link to The Rebelution’s website.  You will need to register to participate. 

Thanks for responding! Rachel


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