my remodeling efforts :-)

This is NOT an inspirational post!  After much trial and error I have succeeded in actually changing my header image (as you can see).  It worked…finally! 

Just as a heads up…I may try out other themes (involving layout and color scheme, etc.)  I’m not sure yet how to do that in a test mode (so you don’t have to watch any remodeling efforts) so you may see new looks from time to time when you visit if I’m in a creative mode!  Unfortunately, I love doing things like that and although figuring out how to do them can be frustrating it’s also a challenge I rather enjoy – and as a result – I get in that mode way too often!   

Also…I recently had a link to subscribe to this blog’s feed (automatically receiving the posts written here – in your email box).  I couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted, so until I figure out how to do that (if I ever do 🙂 it probably won’t be up again!  Not that I post often enough to even merit you subscribing…or that you would want to…but just an explanation for the sudden appearance and disappearance of it! 

Thanks for your patience! Rachel


4 thoughts on “my remodeling efforts :-)

  1. Rachel,
    The hotel has internet! Thanks for the comment on my site, I will really get to catch up reading yours when we get home. 🙂 I enjoyed being here last night, and am excited about new friendships!


  2. Hey! Found your blog through your comment on Sarah’s. You’ve done a great job! Nice to see someone else I know attempting this 🙂 Look forward to reading more from you.

    Aaron (from Des Moines)

  3. hey Rachel! Glad to see you’re on the bloggin internet:) I hope you’re doing well…. now we can keep up with each other regularly! Now if we can just get Amber to do this…;)

  4. Thanks, Gina and Aaron! It’s nice to hear from you. I am enjoying the blogosphere, although I’m still learning to navigate my way around somewhat. I appreciate the many blogs I am coming in contact with, such as yours, that are dedicated to inspiring people to think and proclaiming that God’s ways are truly the best in the world!

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