digestive problems, vaccinations, and autism

I just recently read a most interesting book, Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder.  Told in story form by a mother searching for answers to her child’s autistic behaviors, this journey of a thousand miles began with one step outside the proverbial “box” of medical science’s responses to this all too frequent diagnosis now affecting 1 in 166 children. Victory over the monster that seemed to have her son held captive inside himself began when she and her research scientist husband discovered that…”It was theorized that a subtype of children with autism break down milk protein (casein) into peptides that affect the brain in the same way that hallucinogenic drugs do. A handful of scientists had discovered compounds containing opiates – a class of substances including opium and heroin – in the urine of autistic children. The researchers theorized that either these children were missing an enzyme that normally breaks down the peptides into a digestible form, or the peptides were somehow leaking into the bloodstream before they could be digested.” (Taken from an online excerpt from Karyn Seroussi’s book, click here >>Unraveling the Mystery of Autism).  It was found that gluten as well as casein had a major affect on the body. 

It was fascinating to read about the discoveries they made and the improvements made in their son as they began treating his “allergies” or inability to break down these certain proteins in foods. 

Interestingly enough, there were very suspicious links to vaccinations.  The onset of autism is very commonly diagnosed shortly after the 15 month MMR vaccine is given to children.  Studies, which are still considered inconclusive, seem to indicate that the measles antigen could be the culprit which compromises the intestinal wall, thus causing it to be more permeable and allowing the hallucinogenic peptides to pass through undigested into the bloodstream. 

Fascinating story, very insightful and thought provoking.  I first heard about it from Shoshanna (Pearl) Easling, daughter of the Pearls of No Greater Joy, on one of her websites, Bulk Herb Store.  I was able to find it at my local library.

May it be of help to you or someone you know!



14 thoughts on “digestive problems, vaccinations, and autism

  1. wow… I am so impressed! And relived to know that I am not the only person to believe all that stuff too. Since my mom got into the natural health profession, I have learned so much about how awful our mainstream diet is and how far off our so called modern medicine really is. Have you read that book, “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About”? It was written by a guy who used to work for the pharmaceutical industry and got out with some insane stories to tell.

    Anyways, Thanks so much for sharing! Makes me feel even better knowing I have held off on immunizing Hannah and Nathaniel.

    Also, kinda funny that you mention how horribly cow milk and gluten affect the human body. Hannah has a hard time digesting the breastmilk I give her when I eat milk or gluten. So, not by choice, I have had to give up wheat, oats, and most dairy. However, in all honesty I am glad that I have been “forced” into a healthier lifestyle (and I thought I was being pretty darn healthy before;). Anyways, keep the info going! I am so thankful I am not alone in going against the mainstream:) Thanks RAchel!

  2. Go, Gina! I have great respect for people who choose to be nonconformists…when it’s for the right reasons and displayed with the right attitudes. I read recently that “Style” (be it clothing, views on life, diet, or whatever) “is the unmistakable mark of a follower, and those who are constrained by it are destined to be forever average” (from the book Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads). I guess my motto is “Think outside the box!” My mom didn’t immunize any of us and we’ve lived to tell about it. (Not being boastful but thankful for God’s protection and my mother’s wisdom).

    I believe we have the book you referenced. Aren’t you thankful for information like that? Have you heard of Hallelujah Acres? Their diet is 85% raw/15% cooked food with no white sugar, white flour, dairy, or meat. Their results are impressive.

    Have you come up with some good gluten and casein-free recipes? The book I mentioned has a section on the diet she adopted for her son. He was able to broaden it somewhat after a period of time.

    Till next time…my fellow maverick!

  3. Hey… I was trying to come up with some good “fruit cream” recipes to try out, since I love ice cream but can’t have it anymore. Anyways, this site had some good ideas:
    minus the alcohol that they use for flavoring and sugar, I think I will try them. I knew I could find a use for coconut milk:)

    And yea, I love the Hallelujah Diet ideas and explanation, I just don’t think I could do it without the whole family doing it with me. I think it would be pretty cool to go on it for a month though, just to try it out. Definitely have to get their recipe books and such. Anyways, just thought I would share… Hope your church weekend is going awesome!

  4. We’ve enjoyed making “fruit cream” in both the juicer and the Vita Mix. Frozen banans give it a sweet & ice-creamy textured base, rice or almond milk (coconut milk would be great I’m sure) thins it a bit if using the Vita Mix, and at least one other fresh or frozen fruit gives a nice burst of flavor (strawberries and blackberries are our two favorites)! Pretty quick and easy…and healthy! Hope you find one that meets the needs of your diet and your taste buds!

  5. What kind of juicer do you have? I am thinking I need to upgrade from the one I have. How do you make fruit cream? If you don’t mind walking me through it, I would love to learn from your experience in the area:)

  6. We have a Green Power juicer and a Champion juicer. They both make fruit cream the consistency of soft serve ice cream. When using the juicer to make fruit cream I usually break the frozen bananas in half and alternate pushing down a piece of banana then a couple of strawberries then a piece of banana and back and forth. It comes out like banana-strawberry soft serve ice cream!

    The Vita Mix (or sturdy blender with glass and not plastic container) produces more of a milkshake or smoothie consistency. I start out with a little rice or almond milk (I’m sure coconut milk would be great) and then put in halves or thirds of frozen bananas and begin mixing. I gradually add more pieces of banana along with more milk as needed. You’ll need to stop and mix by hand occasionally. Last, I add either fresh or frozen fruit that blends well taste-wise with bananas. As I said, blackberries or strawberries are what we seem to enjoy most!

    I also make a non-dairy “hot cheese dip” that we use for Super Nachos. It’s not Velveeta but if you don’t expect it to be, it’s a great alternative. Our family really enjoys it. I can give you that recipe, too, if you’d like.


  7. That would be awesome! Aaron loves Velveeta, so maybe this would be a good alternative for him. I am just trying to incorporate more raw foods into our family’s diet. I eat a lot, but Aaron and the kids don’t as much. So, I thought if I could find fun recipes that they wouldn’t mind so much:) Thanks for the info. I am going to check out those juicers and the blender. Have you ordered any of the recipe books from Hallelujah Acres? I think I am going to get a few. I did find an interesting site that had some recipes that I might check out: http://www.living-foods.com/recipes/
    ‘Til Later ~ Gina

  8. Hot “Cheese” Dip

    1/4 cup cashews or almonds
    1 1/2 tsp. salt
    1/2 tsp. onion flakes
    1/4 tsp. garlic
    2 TBSP. arrowroot (thickener)
    3 TBSP. Nutritional Food Yeast (for color and flavor)
    1/4 tsp. butter flavoring or 1 TBSP. butter (I don’t usually put this)
    1 TBSP. lemon juice (if I don’t have lemons I just leave it out)
    1 4oz. jar pimentos (for color…optional…I don’t usually have them on hand)
    2 cups water
    I can diced tomatoes with green chilies (Ro-tel is great) (may add before or after blending)

    Blend nuts in blender until finely ground. Add all other dry ingredients on top of ground nuts and then add about 1/2 cup of water. Blend until thoroughly pureed. Add remaining water and liquid. Blend well. Cook in sauce pan over medium heat until thick, stirring constantly.

    Like I said, it’s not Velveeta but it’s a great healthier substitute! We usually layer the nachos something like this:

    corn chips
    “cheese” dip
    refried beans
    (taco meat made from free range turkey…if you have meat lovers)
    (sour cream…optional)

    Let me know how it goes over!


  9. Hi Rachel,
    Sarah gave me your blog. Great to have you out on the web. I love the Rebelution site thanks.
    I will have to try your cheese dip recipe. I tried a “cheesy” black bean enchilada off a vegan web site, and the cheese sauce recipe was nasty. I think it was the nutritional food yeast I picked up at kroger. Is there a kind you like that might be better? Of course, we do eat cheese, it might be we just need to adjust to the flavor.

  10. Hey Julie!

    It’s great to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.

    Frontier is the brand we’ve mostly used. I think there is some variation in flavors because I had to buy some new at the health food store recently and it seemed to have a little different flavor than what I had been using.

    I think you do have to adjust to the flavor, though. It’s just different. I’m not sure we’ve used it in any other recipe other than the nachos. That dish is such that the beans, salsa, and the toppings all kind of mesh together and the “cheese” is really not a stand alone ingredient. I don’t know if it was that way in the enchilada recipe you made or not. Adding Ro-tel tomatoes and/or salsa REALLY helps and makes it more spicy and mexican tasting.

    Talk to you later – here or on your blog!


  11. Thanks for the recipe:) I will have to try it out for him. Unfortunately I can’t have corn yet, but I might try it on some sprouted grain bread:) On a different note, do you have a dehydrator? I was thinking about getting one of those, too, and wondered what brand works well for the money;) Thanks!

  12. Hey Tina! It’s good to hear from you! How did you stumble upon my blog?

    Just warning you…I tend to be a random blogger…nothing really regular about my posts! Hope you enjoy spontaneity. 🙂

  13. I love SPONTANEITY!! I’m not too sure how I stumbled on your blog! I love to read the blogs and it seems like EVERYONE in Cross Plains has a blog. LOL. I usually just jump from one blog to another and I think that is how I happened upon yours! I used to have a blog on xanga.com but I didn’t like all the “stuff”. WordPress is so much more simplier and user friendly. Keep up the spontaneous chatter! I’ll be readin! I also linked you to my blog, hope that is okay. Love ya! -Tina

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