thanks to the rebelutionaries

Thank you fellow rebelutionary brothers for your honesty and forthrightness in the recent modesty survey.  It means so much to know that you are affirming young women in their desire to live godly and dress modestly in a world full of compromise.  It is encouraging to know there is still a generation of young men who do care about these issues.  I really appreciated the written answers to some of the questions where you expressed your heart and gave reasons behind your answers.  Even though some of the responses I may not have fully agreed with, overall, the resounding theme I kept hearing was one that encouraged femininity coupled with modesty.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  May we all keep the bar for excellence raised high!

If you haven’t yet done so you may check out the results of the modesty survey at  Girls, you may go to Beauty From the Heart to send a thank you note to the guys who participated. 


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