happy birthday daniel!

It’s April 16 (never mind the blog’s time) and my baby brother is 25 today!  Guess that makes me sound pretty old.  I’m really not all that much older than he is. 🙂

Thought I’d mention 25 things that describe him:

1. protective

2. sincere

3. lover of nature

4. able to express himself very well

5. analytical

6. generous (used to let me drive his truck alot…before I had my car!)

7. forgiving (especially when I wrecked his truck)

8. spontaneous

9. funny

10. understanding

11. compassionate

12. desires to please Christ

13. great musician

14. witty

15. willing to defend beliefs

16. excellent electrician (the inspector asked to take a picture of his work!)

17. near genius 

18.  greatly beloved by the Lord (just like the Daniel he was named after in the Bible)

19.  survived being thrown into the midst of a busy highway from a van door that fell open

20. survived nearly drowning in a creek when Andrew saved his life as a little kid

21. protected by God from an undetected ruptured appendix for how long we don’t know

22. hard worker

23. nice enough to hang out with me and make me feel special

24.  knows a lot about a lot of things

25.  loving…made me pumpkin pancakes when I was sick one time and served me breakfast in bed

I’m SO thankful that 25 years ago tonight as I stood in my Aunt Murielene’s house with my little brother, Andrew, the phone call came that said I had a new baby brother.  My life has been forever blessed by his entrance to the world.  I love you, Daniel! 


life with kerria and abigail

This morning the girls were playing the piano and singing “Above All”.  Evidently there had been a sideline coversation going on for I heard Abigail begin to comment naïvely with a sad but very sincere tone…”She’s (Kerria) going to be the president of the United States and the whole world and I don’t want her to.  I want her to stay little.”


Ah, if only we could see through a child’s eyes and believe the impossible!


(For any readers who don’t know…Kerria is my 8 year old cousin and Abigail, who is 5, is a little girl that we care for…very special little girls to me!)