life with kerria and abigail

This morning the girls were playing the piano and singing “Above All”.  Evidently there had been a sideline coversation going on for I heard Abigail begin to comment naïvely with a sad but very sincere tone…”She’s (Kerria) going to be the president of the United States and the whole world and I don’t want her to.  I want her to stay little.”


Ah, if only we could see through a child’s eyes and believe the impossible!


(For any readers who don’t know…Kerria is my 8 year old cousin and Abigail, who is 5, is a little girl that we care for…very special little girls to me!)


4 thoughts on “life with kerria and abigail

  1. That is awesome! THey have such a great perspective on life. No wonder Jesus said that we must become as little children if we are to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

    I appreciate you, Rachel:) I am thankful for your friendship. Are you coming up in May? Maybe you could come up for the weekend… if you can, let me know. I think Amber might be staying with us. It would be awesome if you could too!

    Love you ~ Gina

  2. Don’t know for sure yet if we’re getting to come. It’s been tossed around in the field of contemplation. It’s possible that Autumn Linder (my youngest brother Daniel’s girlfriend) might come also. She came with us the last time. She’s Bart’s cousin (from your church). She and I would probably need to stay the same place so I don’t know if that would work for you or not. If by chance it would that would be really fun if we do come.

  3. Abigail is so sweet. She went with us to eat dinner after church a few Sunday’s ago. My sister had taken her to the restroom to wash her hands before she ate and so she was not at the table when we all prayed before dinner.

    She came back to the table and we were all eating and she cleared her throat… “uhemmmm” in a very instructed tone, “I think we have all forgotten something?!!” and I looked down and I said, “what did we forget?” and she said “To pray!?!?!” and it was the way she said it that was so funny. Like, hello??? She was just totally disgusted with all of us.

    I told her we had already prayed while she was in the bathroom and she said, “well… I’ll just have to pray by myself then” and she put her hands together and very quietly and sweetly prayed over her plate.

    It was THEE cutest thing ever! She is the bomb!

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