31 years ago today…

Thirty-one years ago today, the most wonderful couple in the world made a trip to Western Baptist Hospital for the birth of their first child.  It was a Thursday, in a most beautiful time of the year, at 2:38 in the afternoon, that a tiny little baby girl made her entrance into the world.  Having had only brothers, her father had no idea what to do with a girl and on top of that, the words that fell out of his mouth were, “Poor thing, she looks just like me!  (Not such a bad thing, I might add).  She was to bear his name, Rachel Michelle Hunt, and win his heart – so much that upon the arrival of the next baby he wasn’t sure what to do with a boy!  She became a treasure to these fine parents and remains so until this day.  I know, because I’m that little girl.  

I am the most blessed girl there could ever be.  There are so many people I owe so many things to.  My life has been made rich because of the investments many great people made in my life.  I wish I could name them all but my memory and time would fail me in the space of time I have to write this blog post. 

The people to whom I owe the most are my parents who gave me natural life, proper training, a wonderful childhood, opportunities to make many friendships with very wonderful people and many many more things. 

I owe God everything I am or ever hope to be.  He has given me the most blessed gift of all, His life inside my very being, an opportunity to have eternal life, a personal relationship with Him this side of Heaven, and other gifts and abilities for which I am so very grateful.  My desire is to allow the Holy Spirit to lead me and guide me.  I want to bring honor and glory to my Lord and Saviour in everything I do. 

So, this is my prayer today, in the form of a song which was inspired of the Lord twelve years ago.

Blessed Redeemer, Savior of men

Christ my Salvation, my dearest Friend 

Lead me forevermore in paths that are right

That someday I’ll be found worthy to stand

Clean in Your sight



7 thoughts on “31 years ago today…

  1. Happy Birthday Rachel. My twins turned 13 yesterday. I did not know your birthday was the day after theirs. NOW I will remember this. Another great post by the way! -Tina

  2. Hello Rachel,

    I\’m so glad I found your blog because I\’ve been looking for the lyrics to the song Blessed Redeemer Savior of men all morning and your blog is the only result I got. Do you have the lyrics to the entire song? If so will you please share it with me? Thank you in advance.

    • Hello Cleo…just curious if I know you?! The words in this blog post are the only words that I penned and then copyrighted. There are three verses that have been written by someone else. Though I have heard them, I honestly am not that familiar with them.

  3. No Rachel I don’t think we know each other. Too bad you don’t know the verses. You wrote a quite beautiful song. Thank you for taking the time to reply and if you do find the lyrics please post them 🙂

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