prayer is the key to heaven but faith unlocks the door

Prayer is the key to heaven but faith unlocks the door

Words are so easily spoken

Prayer without faith is like a boat without an oar

So have faith when you speak to the Master

That’s all He asks you for

Prayer is the key to heaven but faith unlocks the door


The band played this beautiful song last night for church.  I so enjoyed singing it.  It seemed to dovetail with the morning service which was truly a message from the Lord through Bro. Bernard accompanied by a downpouring of the Spirit.  The Spirit of the Lord was SO present in both our services yesterday.  It’s as if the Lord is just drawing me nearer to Him, making Himself more real and special to me.  Much like a suitor seeks to win a lady’s heart so the Lord seeks my heart, all our hearts, to be joined with Him, forever!  He has proposed to a people who will let nothing come between them and Him, their Head, their Lover, their Bridegroom.  Natural love and marriage is surely a mystery concerning Christ and His church.  Surely God has given us a picture that we can understand of His infinite love for us. 

Bro. Bernard gave an anointed message about getting rid of our evil heart of unbelief.  When we pray for people we must have faith that God will do what is right in that person’s situation.  He told of when my aunt was dying of cancer and God told him to go circle the hospital and pray for her, which he did for about half the night.  God spoke to him while praying during the night for her and told her that she didn’t belong to any of us but that she belonged to Him.  What a glorious knowledge to know that you belong to the Lord.  Bro. Bernard went on to say that all that mattered at the end was that we belong to the Lord.  We must believe and pray but no matter what, we must BELONG to HIM.  He told of another time when the Lord had spoken to someone to walk around the building where someone was at the point of death and pray for them and He would heal them.  He did it and the person was healed that day.  Obedience seems to be another important key.  Pray, have faith, obey what the Lord tells you to do, make sure you belong to God, and trust Him for the answer He knows is best.

God is SO wonderful and truly the Lover of my soul.


2 thoughts on “prayer is the key to heaven but faith unlocks the door

  1. Great blog! Sounds like a wonderful service you all had. I remember reading Rev 21:8 not very long ago and what stood out to me this time was the fearful and unbelieving were lumped in with the other abominations mentioned there. The Lord does not take unbelief lightly once he has revealed Himself to us! We need the faith to unlock the door! After the last campmeeting it was so evident to me that it is one big thing I am lacking. The faith that these that went on before us had. I want to have faith that He is who He says He is. and He will do what He says He will do. Thanks for the encouragement tonight! I have missed hearing from you! -Sarah

  2. Wow… what incredible testimonies! I had just made a comment on my blog about how if I belong to Christ that this is all that will matter… and then to come here and read the EXACT SAME THING is so wonderful. Thank you so much for this… I needed to hear it. Hope to keep hearing from you:)

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