blurbs from brownsville

I just returned from the meeting in Brownsville, Texas.  Yes, I know it was a minister’s meeting.  No, I am not a minister.  No, I am not married to a minister.  Yes, I am the daughter of a minister and this is one of the great blessings of being one…getting to travel with my parents to meetings!

It was one of the best trips I’ve taken because I was able to spend so much time with such wonderful people and I came home spiritually refreshed.

 Here are a few highlights:

  • flying – first time since flying to Russia in 1996
  • staying at the Rodriguez’ “bed and breakfast” filled to capacity…well we might could have gotten a couple more in…despite the total number of 17 occupants, there were two unused couches 🙂
  • listening to so much Spanish…I think with some effort I could pick up what I learned in college and add to it
  • spending time with the “girls”…Sis. Melva, Sis. Susan, my mom, Galadriel, Ana Ruth, Kaytlin, Janie, Bonnie, and Melanie
  • hearing Sis. Susan’s love story
  • listening to Sis. Susan and my mother talk and share music thoughts
  • my debut as a stairs slider 🙂
  • singing around the piano Saturday night…especially “He’s In Control”
  • getting to know friends better and discovering new kindred spirits and deep souls!
  • seeing Lulu again in Rio Bravo
  • meeting Berenice in Rio Bravo
  • eating so much good authentic Mexican food…I think there was more of me when I came home than when I left
  • going shopping with Becky, Amy, Lauren, my mom, Sis. Wheat, and Sis. Roark
  • receiving my “servant girl” gift from Janie from Mexico
  • Janie and Kaytlin reminding us to pray in the middle of our disasters…van break-down, etc…
  • driving back and forth to Rio Bravo…especially the midnight snack that was supposed to be “to go ” at Whataburger
  • being in the ladies’ meetings and being convicted through the messages I heard
  • hearing Brother Finnicum speak so passionately in Rio Bravo about pursuing God’s ways in marriage and family
  • so thankful that God allowed everyone to make it home safely despite the stomach flu encountered by so many…and Jacob’s hospital rendezvous in Houston…SO thankful he is okay

You know, there are special times in our lives that we reflect on with such good feelings and later wish we could experience again or recreate in the future but can’t exactly.  What precious memories I will carry with me forever from this time. 


5 thoughts on “blurbs from brownsville

  1. I love whataburger! yum! Your last paragraph especially touched my heart. There are definitely times in my life I could relate to that. And ALL of those times have happened since I met my wonderful savior and this people. We are blessed beyond measure. It was so good to be with you guys last night in service. love, Sarah

  2. That is so awesome that you were able to go to this meeting! I didn’t know there was so much richness going on behind the scenes at a minister’s meeting.

    You have been to Russia? How cool is that? What was it like? You need a blog about that! Love you! Thanks so much for the awesome cake and to die for pizza! it was definitely the best!

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