tribute to a special friend

The world had an empty spot in it since yesterday because Sister Fern left this life.  She was a wonderful person and at times it’s hard to accept the fact that her personality is missing from this life.  Although she had been sick for quite some time with lung cancer she never acted as though she expected anyone to meet all the needs she had.  There were days I know when she may have had no visitors and few phone calls but she still kept a positive attitude.  She didn’t act as though anyone owed her anything.  She never married and there will be no one to carry on her name.  But we will remember and we will forever carry the memory of her in our hearts and minds.  Memories such as surprising her for her birthday with a houseful of girls with a “big chocolate chip cookie”…eating cheese and crackers and hot apple cider in her special little antique green dishes…spending the night at her house which we fondly referred to as “Fern’s Bed and Breakfast”…eating her delicious homemade gravy with biscuits and fruit salad for breakfast…slowly savoring her famous pecan pie…just sitting and chatting…playing Scrabble with her…taking her home from the hospital…listening to her crack a good joke and enjoying a good laugh with her. Yes, the world is empty because it lost Fern Kirk, but our hearts are full because of the life she lived and the memories we have of her.  She was known to some as Fern, Sister Fern, Aunt Fern ( though she has many well-loved nieces and nephews, I asked permission and called her that at times), and even Fernie-pooh by really close friends 🙂 .  But most of all and most importantly she was known to God as “His child“.  She trusted Him with her life and would always say “He’s in charge” even when the doctors gave her a bad report.  Perhaps her greatest signature was her wit…a twisted sense of humor as she referred to it!  She loved playing with her great-niece, Kirklyn, who persuaded her to do a great many things that probably no one else could have.  I think a favorite game of theirs use to be dressing up and acting out “The Wizard of Oz”.  What joy she brought to her life.  I don’t regret a time I called or visited her, I just wished I would have done it more.  I hope she knew how much she was loved and appreciated but I wish I would have told her more often.   I certainly am looking forward to seeing her again someday!

Yes, the world is empty but our hearts are rich from her friendship.  And for that I’ll always be thankful. 


4 thoughts on “tribute to a special friend

  1. That is really precious that you all had a girls’ night at her house with her. How sweet! She sounds like she was a wonderful lady. How blessed we are to be enriched by the lives of His saints. I will be praying for their family and for you all. Love you!

  2. She did sound wonderful. Because she touched your life, and the lives around her- she lives on. One beautiful thing about this life is that it allows that to happen. Thank you for posting this, I enjoyed reading about her.

  3. Yes thank you. I love it when the young and the old find a way to connect like that. Times like those are very special. I wish I could have spent more time with some of the one’s in our church that have passed away.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Yes I remember Sis. Fern. She sat my my mother in the chior for many years. I remember as a teenager we went to her house for dinner. She had the most wonderful sense of humor. I could very much appreciate her humor, mine is very similar to hers. My family and the Duncans had gone to Detroit for a meeting and some how she ended up in the car with me and Paula. Paula and I always wanted to go to the slums of all the towns we went to for some reason. Anyway Sis Fern said oh yeah I can take you and she told who every was driving where to go and we had a great time. I know that is a stange memory, but it has never left me. Even thought I have not seen her in a few years I will miss her spirit. Crystal

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