special prayer request

I would like to ask prayer for my cousin, Brian. He was raised in church and has very precious godly parents who are very faithful people in our church. Years ago, while in his teen years, Brian left church and his faith in God.

Just in the last week he has made a decision to re-dedicate his life to the Lord and has been making steps toward that. He came last night to church with the intention of returning for good. This, of course, thrills our hearts very much. As a result of wrong choices in life, however, he has a lot of things in front of him to face. It will take supernatural strength for him to make it through. 

To me, his return to the Lord is a miracle already. I know God will give him everything he needs to make it. Just pray that Brian will pursue God with his whole heart, receive the grace God gives him to endure whatever he may have to go through, and be firm in his commitment to live for Christ!

Thank you so much!


3 thoughts on “special prayer request

  1. What a great prayer request. I know a God that specializes in these kind of requests! We’ll be praying for Brian to run into Jesus with all His might. Where all the answers and comfort we need reside..

  2. Oh Rachel this just thrills my heart so I will be praying for him. I used to babysit him and his brother Chad OH BOY am I getting old. Anyway keep us posted Love Crystal

  3. Thank you all so much for taking Brian on your hearts.

    I know what you mean, Crystal. The kids down the street that I used to babysit are all now graduated, in college, or married! Chad has been back in church for some time now and is doing well. He has two children and is married to Alicia (Sis. Norma Driver’s granddaughter). Brian has a daughter who loves to come to church with Aunt Ellen. I would love to see God restore his marriage as well as his life.

    I’ll try to keep you updated.

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