i’ve been tagged!

I’ve been tagged by Gina!  Here are 6 things about me that are hopefully somewhat interesting to you the reader. 

1) I wrote my first song at age 8Actually God gave it to me.  I was sitting playing the piano while my parents were preparing for us to leave on a trip.  The song just seemed to “happen”!  Here are the words:

He is coming in power.  He is coming in might.  He is coming to restore His church again.  He is coming for His bride to be ever at His side.  Oh be ready for that day when He shall come.” 

2) I love to blog-surf.  Finding a new site that speaks to my heart is so exciting to me. 

3) I spent seven weeks in Moscow, Russia in 1996.  Our family was able to go through the homeschool program we were enrolled in (Advanced Training Institute of America with Bill Gothard).  Our job assignment was to help renovate an orphanage.  It was a wonderful experience.  It’s the kind of thing I would enjoy doing again should God ever direct me to do so.   

4) One of my very favorite books is God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew.  It so inspiring and challenges me to live by faith and expect results!

5) My brothers and I along with our friend, Jessica, became surrogate parents to four baby opossums in our backyard one summer!  I still have home videos of that eventful week!  Unfortunately they all died except for one…Buddy.  We let him go right before we were leaving to go on a trip out of town.  After that we would remorsefully remark whenever we would see a dead possum on the side of the road…”I hope that’s not Buddy”!

6) I love music that feels like it reflects the majesty and glory of God; making me stand in awe and humility before the Maker of majesty. 

I tag: Tina, Janie, Crystal, GaladrielRhondaBonnie, and Julie .

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7 thoughts on “i’ve been tagged!

  1. I still can’t get over your Russia trip! Do they still have stuff like that for homeschoolers? I think that would be just incredible to do with my children someday when they get older. And that song is really sweet and pretty inspiring for an 8-year old! How encouraging to know how God can touch children:) Thanks for the awesome list?

  2. Rachel,

    You inspired us to pull Brother Andrews book off the bookshelf. I bought it a long time ago and Ernie started to read it to me last night as I knitted. We are so encouraged by it!!!! His faith unfolded with every page we turned. We even cried through parts of it- the miracles are still blessing today! The place he went to WEC, was founded by our favorite hero of the faith, C.T. Studd. So the connection was incredible to us, believing that the Lord led us to this little circle of missionaries so we could see a life of faith like this CAN be lived-even today. (everyone that really has inspired us has a connection to each other in some way, its great!) Wanted you to know how much we are enjoying it. Thanks again. Love, S

  3. I’d never heard of C.T. Studd before but I looked him up and read some about him. What books do you have about him and others connected to him that have really blessed you?

  4. Rachel,

    Well, first we believe the Lord led us to Continuous Revival by Norman Grubb. (My favorite book.) So, we liked Norman Grubb so much we checked out his other books and found he wrote one about C.T.Studd’s life called Cricketeer and Pioneer. At this time Ernie was going to a bible study Friday Mornings at a drug store in town. A man sitting across from him said he knew Norman Grubb personally and goes back and forth to Africa. We were encouraged by this connection. What are the chances?

    From there we were pretty much hot on the trail of Norman Grubb. From there we read of Rees Howells. We enjoyed reading of his life of faith so much in the book ‘Intercessor’ that we named our son after him.

    Anyways, sorry this is so long. At that time,we read this book, ‘Why Revival Tarries’ by Leonard Ravenhill we found that he knew Norman Grubb too and was inspired by his writings. Then we started becoming interested in the Welsh Revival of 1908 and the life of Evan Roberts. At the end of his life he was led into intercessory prayer with Rees Howells for years until he died.

    When we read that Brother Andrew was a recipient of CT Studds life’s work founding WEC, it was like the Lord was giving us another breadcrumb on this path of faith that leads us to Him..

    Not that I am not afraid of the faith I read about (I am, Lord help me.) Its real but goes against everything the world stands for. Comfort/security, but not really, its very secure, just all in Him. Not in me. Basically I believe its not just for ‘them’ but for US. TODAY. Even if people think I’m a little crazy for thinking it’s so.

    Check these books out if you get the chance.
    love, S

    Continuous Revival by Norman Grubb
    Cricketeer & Pioneer by Norman Grubb
    Rees Howells Intercessor by Norman Grubb

  5. Okay…I was already book shopping when I read this so now I just need to go get a third job and add on to our house so I can formally start a library! Seriously, I just told my mother wouldn’t it be nice if we had a library in town that had these kinds of books and wouldn’t discard them periodically?

    Thanks so much for giving me the titles. I will try to find these.

  6. Rachel, Don’t forget eBay when you buy books & Half.com thats where we get most of our books. Should be able to pick these up for only a few dollars each. Let me know if you get them. -S

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