Victory in Jesus

Tina’s victory post made me think of something that happened in one of my music classes Tuesday.  I was nearing the end of my 4-5 year old class of Rhythm and Rhyme and asked for a request to do a favorite song…meaning one we had previously done in our class.  One little girl spoke up and said, “Victory in Jesus”!  Unfortunately our lesson plans do not contain church songs (unless you count Ode to Joy or some Spirituals…that is something I am sad about for I think a child’s training in music ought to primarily be toward God Who made music).  I said I certainly didn’t have a problem with it if no one else did.  It turned out everyone else there seemed to know it and seemed to not have a problem with singing it so I went to the piano and we sang “Victory in Jesus” at Harmony Road Music School with Lilly and her grandmother heartily singing the lead along with me (I think they knew the words to the first verse better than I did)!  The little girl, Lilly, loves that song (she knows the page number in the hymnal at church by memory…202) and requests it at church on Sunday nights her grandmother said!  

What a memorable experience.  No wonder the Lord said we should become as a little child…not worrying what others will think of us requesting a church song in music class.  Oh for the faith of a child and to see the world through their eyes! 


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