happy graduation, Autumn!

 Here are some pictures from Autumn’s pinning and graduation last weekend!



Autumn and her family after graduation from ISU. (L-R Harmony, Michael (dad), Autumn, Lisa (mom), and Caley)


The pinning ceremony was a very special event where each nursing student chose the person(s) to pin them.  They were the people who had been their greatest support through nursing school.  Autumn’s parents pinned her.  These were the words read during her pinning.

Autumn Linder
Pinned by her father and mother, Michael and Lisa Linder
She would like to thank her Mom and Dad for their continued support throughout her life. Autumn knew that she could be anything she wanted to be, because of them. They encouraged her to set big goals and were confident that she would accomplish them.
She would like to thank her sisters, Harmony and Caley, for their patience and help throughout these four years. And in memory of her sister, Lacey, who influenced her decision to care for infants.
She would like to thank her study group. To Jenna: for always making up her own pathophysiologies when they didn’t understand the ones in the book. To Amber: for meeting extra times when she had to go over the material just once more. To Chase: for always bringing her skittles to make it through long study sessions. And to Veronica: for keeping them all on track.
She would like to thank her fiancé, Daniel, who has been the best listener in the world. She thanks him for helping her study over the phone and for encouraging her to do her very best.
And most importantly, she would like to thank her God, who has been the greatest impact and strength in her life. All glory and honor is directed to Him.
Autumn has accepted a full-time night position in the Nursery/Level 2 NICU at Western Baptist Hospital in Paducah Kentucky, starting June 2 – after her wedding on May 17 



A beautiful smiling graduate!

Group photo!

(L-R Andrew, me, mom, dad, Autumn’s aunt Brenda, Autumn’s Grandma Delores, Daniel, Autumn, Harmony, Lisa, Caley, Michael, and Autumn’s cousin Khaim



3 thoughts on “happy graduation, Autumn!

  1. What a beautiful family. I am very happy for Daniel. Beatiful words. I don’t know Amber personally, but I am quite familiar with the Linder family. I’m not sure how the relation, but we have an old album of the Linder Family that we used to listen to years and years ago. I assume these are related? Anyway, congrats!

  2. Rachel,
    will you email me? Ernie and I were thinking of coming up Friday night since we canceled services (due to graduation season) and I wanted to talk to you about it. thanks! sarahflowers007 at gmail.com

  3. They are a beautiful family, Tina. Thank you. I’m quite sure they’re related to the Linder family on the album you have. They are related to every other Linder I know of and yes their relatives sang and had an album.

    I emailed you, Sarah. That’s great you might come…we won’t be there, though, since we’re heading on up for the wedding that morning. I know everyone else would love for you to come, though. You just have to promise to come back when we’re there, too!

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