Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Hunt


May 17, 2008

A beautiful summer morning gave way to this special day.  Only a few sprinkles threatened and eventually the clouds gave way to the sun shining brightly upon this special event about to take place.  The tables were prepared, the lawn so beautifully mown (with special care by the bride :-), the chairs strategically placed, and the lovely gazebo brought in to serve as a backdrop for the ceremony. 

All is ready

Although not visible in this photo, leading the way was my father who was to perform the ceremony, then Autumn’s pastor who offered up a prayer for this momentous occasion, followed by Daniel and his men (brothers and cousins). 

The bridegroom and his men enter from the wooded thicket beside the grassy field. The bridegroom and his men enter from the wooded thicket beside the grassy field.

We, the bride’s attendants, made our way down the long aisle from the back door of the Linder home to where we joined those already in place.

Awaiting the bride

He must have a glimpse of her!  His face is telling.

The bridegroom awaits his bride

 What a beautiful shot this is, as Autumn and her father (Michael Linder) now make their way down the long aisle that began at their back door, leading through the back yard to the absolutley gorgeous back field where an anxious bridegroom awaits his beloved.

Here comes the bride Father and daughter

 Together, at last, a radiant bride and a beaming bridegroom.

My father performed the ceremony

 The guests were supplied with bubbles to shroud the couple in as they make their way back up the aisle. 

Leaving the altar amidst bubbles being blown by the guests
Cutting the cake

 Passages from I Corinthians, James, and Proverbs adorned the wedding cake.

The cake had scripture written on each layer

 The marriage supper was indeed a feast!  The ladies from the Linder family’s church there in town worked so diligently to provide such a wonderful spread of delicacies. 

There was a wealth of food for everyone There was a wealth of food for everyone
A variety of beverages A variety of beverages

Shots of family and friends who made the day so special…

-) Children enjoy the Linders’ tire swing in the back yard 🙂
So happy together! So happy together!
The Wedding Party l-r…me (sister of groom), Shannon (cousin of bride), Caley (sister of bride), Harmony (sister of bride), Autumn & Daniel, Andrew (brother of groom), Chad (cousin of groom), Jonathan (cousin of groom), and Brian (cousin of groom)
Friends who came to share in the joy
Fair maidens rejoicing in the beauty of the day
Sharing thoughts about the day
Mr. and Mrs. Hunt

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