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I have held off from blogging lately because…we’ve been very busy AND I wanted my next post to be about the wedding!  I do not have high speed internet (imagine complaining about that when there didn’t even use to be…the internet period) so it is impossible for me to upload all the pictures I want to about the wedding.  So, now that life is returning to normal for a little while I decided to go ahead and blog and post the wedding pics when I can!  So, here are a some highlights from the past two months.

1. I think the last post I wrote was about Alexis.  She is growing like a little wildflower and is SO precious.  I have gotten to spend quite a bit of time with her lately and I’m so glad.  She is smiling and communicating with her eyes which just sparkle with delight.  I am so thankful for that little bundle of joy!

2. Despite no pictures yet to share – the wedding was so beautiful and precious.  My father performed the ceremony and that made it very personal and special.  All the attendants were siblings or cousins.  It was outdoors…a perfect day.  They are happily married and living here now.  I am so thankful for God blessing my brother with such a lovely wife.  I love her more all the time!

3. After the wedding we (Dad, Mom, Andrew, and I) vacationed in Wisconsin ending up in Des Moines, Iowa where we attended a very uplifting church conference and stayed with our wonderful friends, Aaron and Gina (www.thechristianmomsoutlet.wordpress.com) and their five precious – soon to be six children.  They treated us royally and fed us deliciously and healthily.  I could go on and on!  The fellowship with them and my good friend, Amber Hall and her mother, was precious.  I am SO thankful for my friends!

4. The Burgesses (Theresa, Michael and Rachael) came to visit their family in Paducah and we were so blessed to be included in their itinerary!  We were able to spend more time together than usual and this brought us closer together in spirit. 

5. Campmeeting – an incredible time for me.  I was so encouraged after being there.  It is so wonderful to just be around so many people who love the Lord and are pursuing a walk with Him.  Wednesday night I received a wonderful touch from the Lord after going through the prayer line. 

6. Aaron and Gina Webb and their family came by and had lunch with us Sunday on their way to Cross Plains!  Nathaniel (3), the youngest, after us having been at their house only a few weeks prior – upon seeing my mother last Sunday said, “How did you get to my house?” 🙂 

7.  Vacation Bible School – Where do I start?  My mother is blessed with the responsibility of directing our VBS and writes the teacher’s curriculum also.  I am blessed to be her scribe.  I really do get a blessing out of typing the material.  She even lets me add some of my own thoughts.  This year’s theme was “We Are God’s Treasures”.  Our hope was that the children would – a. leave with the knowledge that they were indeed God’s Treasures,  b. understand how that God takes them through the process of refining and polishing just as natural gold, silver, and precious stones go through a process to make them beautiful and useful, c. understand that treasure has to be protected…just like the authorities in their lives (parents and ministry) are for their protection, and d. God is furnishing His house with vessels…make sure you are an honorable vessel and not a dishonorable one!  Focus Bible stories were Jacob and Esau (trading something of greater value for something of lesser value), Rich Young Ruler (not recognizing that natural wealth is not as important as spiritual wealth), Job (going through the fire to become pure gold), and The Three Hebrew Children (going through literal fire with Jesus by your side).  My good friend, Galadriel, who is very talented in many ways…one of which is creative writing and drama, wrote all the plays for our program.  She did a wonderful job!   

The program was filled with music and drama and the climax was the teen class’s drama about The Fourth Man In The Furnace.  Long story short…people ended up down front worshipping and praising God and three people received the Holy Ghost!  This is very unusual for our Bible School program.  This entire weekend was just wonderful.  There were lots of testimonies from young and old and the flow of the Spirit was very powerful!

We were also able to spend more time this week with our fellow church members who live a distance from Paducah, since some of them stayed the week of VBS here with us.  April and her children along with Stephanie’s children were here and were a blessing to us.  Once again…we were drawn closer together in spirit after spending so much time fellowshipping.  It was so encouraging to be with like-minded people!


5 thoughts on “overdue post

  1. Awesome! I loved hearing about your themes and stories from vbs! It sounds like you all had an amazing time and that God really met with you all. That’s just so great.

    I wish we could have spent more time with you all on the way down or the way back up. We just headed straight home. We didn’t stop hardly at all… just wanted to get in before midnight:) You’ve had quite a full summer all ready and it’s not even half over!

    Wish you could be here for the baby… lots of love to you!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post summarizing your full summer thus far. It is going by so fast, isn’t it? Lots of memories to treasure forever. 🙂

  3. I just got your email today and I tried responding to it but I received an email saying that there was some kind of error. So let me know if you got it : )

  4. Sis. Rachel, what a talent you have. You write so eloquently but so sincere, I cried while reading . Thankful to know you and your family.

  5. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting! I received your letter Friday…thank you so much for taking time to encourage me. You do have the gift of encouragement! The way you put it makes me feel like I could do about anything I put my mind to do. I would like to publish my color poem book but I honestly am not sure where to start. Any ideas?!

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