ignorance is not bliss

The first thing I must say, is a BIG thank you, Gina Webb – for giving a link to this website called Natural News, that has vast amounts of information about health.  Gina, you are so inspiring.  I recently said I should start blogging about health so I would learn more about it!  The Natural News website has been so informative and enlightening.  If only people (like me) would read about what they’re eating!  Ignorance is NOT bliss. 

It’s so easy to just hope everything will be okay.  Unfortunately, it won’t.  There are so many solutions and answers to health problems.  I am so thankful there are still people who care and are researching and getting the information out to the public who want to know. 

I know I probably sound dogmatic but I struggle with this, too.  While I enjoy eating healthily, I enjoy eating unhealthy foods, too!  Too much!  So, for the record, lest anyone thinks I am pointing fingers at the rest of the world for eating unhealthily…I am in this struggle just like you are! 

There’s a really great article I’ve been reading this morning, that I hope everyone who does read this blog will take the time to read.  It’s a transcript of an interview regarding the subject of MSG, the effects it has on consumers and how it’s hidden in foods that don’t list MSG in their ingredients (especially health foods)! 

I think you’ll find it quite interesting!

Interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock on devastating health effects of MSG, aspartame and excitotoxins


5 thoughts on “ignorance is not bliss

  1. Praise God:) I am glad that I can help get the info out to others… it’s my passion God gave me to help others find the truth – in all areas – and especially in health and food where it impacts our lives the most. We love you lots and miss you and your family.

  2. It’s so good to hear from you, Gina! I love people who love truth!!

    I am going to tell my chiropractor about Michael’s back and the amber stone! That’s very interesting.

    Love you! Hope we get to visit again soon!

  3. Hey Rachel! I just love that natural news website! Thanks for posting it. That article about MSG was really interesting and eye openining. Although for years I had heard that aspartame was bad for you, I just had never heard any real proof until that aricle, Thanks! I emailed it to tons of people. How do you eat healthy and know what to buy? For a long time I have been wanting to go “organic” but I’m never sure what products really are organic or healthy. I really want to feed my kids and myself and Tommy healthy foods.

  4. Hello Jennifer! What a pleasant surprise to hear from you!

    Isn’t it something the way our food industry has been ruined? I think that website will be quite helpful in understanding what foods/ingredients to avoid and why. I’m so thankful for people who take time to delve in and get information for us. Is there a health food co-op in your area? That’s a good place to start. You can order in bulk and meet other people who are learning about organic and healthy ways of eating.
    Hope to stay in touch! Take care!

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