6 random things

I’ve been tagged again, this time by my friend, Aimie at http://lexusinmn.blogspot.com.  If you’re reading, Hi Aimee!

1.  My 7th great-grandfather, Thomas Boaz came over from Scotland in 1749.  Four of his sons names were Daniel, Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego. (mother’s family)

2. I have a diary written by my great-great-great grandfather, a schoolteacher in Graves County, James Nelson Boaz.  He built Gum School for his and his neighbor’s children.  He was a farmer and nurseryman and died from blood poisoning that developed from a scratch from a briar while working with his nursery stock.  He lived during the Civil War, was not a slave owner and his sympathies lay with the North.  Some of his children’s names were George Washington Boaz (my 2nd great grandfather), Benjamin Franklin Boaz, Abraham Sherman Grant Boaz (just in case anyone’s still wondering about his loyalty to the North 🙂 ) and William Penn Boaz.  He also owned a library that was large for its time.  (mother’s family)

3.  Another several great’s grandfather was a full blooded Cherokee Indian who fought with Sam Houston in the battle of San Jacinto.  He was paid in land, located in Texas, which is now owned by Sun Oil Company, interestingly enough.  (mother’s family)

4.  A distant relative was an eminent physician in England.  He served as attendant to King Charles II and Queen Anne.  His influence with the king afforded him land in New Jersey.  He (or his family) later moved to North Carolina and some family later migrated to Kentucky.  His last name was Cokkes (later changed to Cox).  A descendant married a Riley whose descendant married a Hawkins whose descendant married a Hamilton whose descendant married a Hunt which is how I got here. (father’s family)

5.  Just a few of the people who have inspired me through their lives and/or stories…Corrie ten Boom, Elisabeth and Jim Elliot, Eric and Leslie Ludy, Jackie Pullinger, Brother Andrew, Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller, and Joseph (in the Bible).

6.  I consider myself to have five of the best jobs I could have (some of which pay and some of which pay in other ways not comparable to money )…homeschooling my cousin Kerria, teaching for Harmony Road Music School, serving my family in our home, serving as a pianist at church, and teaching the older children’s class at church.


4 thoughts on “6 random things

  1. very cool that you know at least a bit if not more about your ancestry. i hope to delve into this topic more myself within my own family. a resource that i have played with a lot is geni.com which allows you to build your genealogy and ancestry and invite other people in the family to participate.

  2. Hey! It sure is. You are the same relation to all those mentioned on my mother’s side of the family. Our grandparents were siblings, our parents are first cousins and we’re second cousins and the genealogy mentioned is all through my Grandmother Nellie’s and your Grandpa Lucian’s mother who was Edna Earl Boaz (Howle). Pretty neat!

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