sale going on right now at Vision Forum

Vision Forum is having a 5 day sale.  Everything is 20-50 % off and shipping is a flat rate of $5.00.  But ONLY FOR 5 DAYS.  It ends the 5th.  They do have sales pretty often but this one is really good! 

Just a quick promo for two books from Vision Forum that I purchased for my parents earlier this year.  Family Man Family Leader by Philip Lancaster and Passionate Housewives Desperate for God by Jennie Chancey and Stacy McDonald

Some main points from Family Man Family Leader:

Industrialism changed our society SO much, drawing fathers’ lives/hearts away from the home and as result, from their relationship with their children.  Urbanization resulted, overwhelming the family unit and concentrating people in big cities where there were fewer significant relationships (away from extended family) and more evil in more people concentrated in a larger area now.  Transportation caused family ties to be severed and there was no longer a tie to the “home place”.  It also made it easier for children to leave and move away to other cities.  After the factories began producing supplies in large quantities, it pretty much destroyed the small family industries.  It also brought mass media advertising into being.  Now, rather than small villages with the whole family working together as producers, people have became consumers instead.  We are now materialistically minded and it has eaten away at the heart and soul of the family.  He said, “The consumer mentality amounts to a materialistic focus in the heart of a person, and at its worst, it becomes a continual, insatiable lust for more and more manufactured things that, he thinks, will make him feel good or boost his self-esteem.  Such a movement of the soul is contrary to the spiritual, God-centered preoccupation to which Christian parents and children are called.”  And, these family-damaging trends are accelerating and increasing their pace in the 21st century in which we live. 

So, I was anxious to hear his solution, right?!  How do we gain what we have lost?  Is it possible?  Are we all to become farmers – living an agrarian lifestyle?  For some I think that would be a good idea.  I would like that in some ways (but still having electricity :-)).  He said there is no inherent contradiction between technology and wealth on the one hond, and family health and solidarity on the other.  The main culprit he pinpoints is that “Christians have failed to be discerning in their response to developing technology and the social changes it has brought”

He said we have allowed technology and wealth to be a curse to us because we have followed them indiscriminately wherever technology and money have led, justifying the spiritual costs by the material gainsAlso, we have allowed philosophies of the times to subtly brainwash us to an extent.  I am realizing more, the value of researching history to see how our society has gotten to where we are and why we have just accepted so much of it as normal or a necessary evil.  What I read and learned connected with my soul and I felt at rest with the idea that, the reason people who are desirous of truly getting back to God’s ways do not fit in our society, is because we have gotten so far away from His ideals. 

The main thrust of the book is how husbands/fathers are to model their lives after God and His character thus demonstrating His ways to their families.


Passionate Housewives Desperate for God is a wonderful treatise on the beautifully designed and fulfilling role of women as helpers to their husbands and molders together with their husbands, of the next generation.  Talk about a destiny!  Forget the image of unimportant, helpless, mindless creatures feeling chained to a cookstove.  Abandon the Stepford wife vacuuming in high heels picture.  Discover what God’s design for women is.  It is rewarding, incredibly fulfilling and vital to the next generation. 

I think the primary way these books have made me feel is relaxed.  Relaxed in that God’s ways are truly most beautiful and fulfilling.  There’s a reason society is the way it is.  If we hope to do any better we’d better get back to God’s blueprint for living. 

Passionate Housewives Desperate for God is currently $8.00 at 1/2 price 

Family Man Family Leader is $10.50 at 30% off.


2 thoughts on “sale going on right now at Vision Forum

  1. It’s such a long story but in summary Family Man, Family Leader is what was my final impetus or what “pushed me over the edge” in regard to many of my family decisions and is what was responsible early on for the formation of many of the principles I stand on today. I second that recommendation.

  2. Rachel, after your endorsement of “Family Man, Family Leader” and Aaron’s seconding of that recommendation, I’ll have to get it myself, since it’s been recommended by two people I highly respect. 🙂 Sounds like one of those books that makes a difference.

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