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I am quite excited about what I feel is a step in the right direction toward a leap in myhealth!  I am SOOOOOOOOOO happy to know of a tasty way to incorporate greens into my diet with minimal effort.  Granted I’ve only tried a couple of combinations but I’m on my way to “market” as I write this to invest in my health in the form of a variety of leafy greens, fruit, and vegetables. 

It is my hope that others will get excited about improving their health.  I can’t help but feel that we are responsible for our own health problems when we consume so much unhealthy food.  I know there are many factors we cannot control in our environment but there are a lot of changes we can make in the right direction. 


We need to be strong and healthy with lots of mental clarity to work for the Lord, whether we are raising our families, serving as lay persons in the church, working on the mission field in a foreign country…our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and it only makes sense that we should keep it in good working condition.  God’s ways, even of eating, are always best and provide us with optimal health and strength to enjoy life and manifest Him to the world in a way that draws others to Him!

Here’s some information about green smoothies for those interested.

What are green smoothies?

A blended drink composed of approximately 60% fruit and 40% leafy greens. 

What are the benefits of drinking green smoothies?

 (The following is excerpted from a free download at


“Green means alkaline, on a pH test strip. The bloodstream must stay alkaline or we die. That means, if we don’t ingest enough alkaline producing foods and liquids, our bones and organs willingly give up their alkaline elements to the blood, leaving the rest of our body acidic and disease prone. Acidity is the other end of the pH continuum. Every human disease is associated with acidity.





In 1939 Otto Warberg won the Nobel Prize for discovering that cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline environment. However, since consumption of meat, alcohol, cigarettes and many cooked foods is what creates acidic conditions in the body, becoming alkaline can cause great change.





Luckily, there IS an easy way to green-shift your pH: add green smoothies to your daily diet! This refreshing drink is easy to make and clean up, for it’s simply a blend of fruit, green leaves and water.





Green smoothies contain all the vitamins you expect from juice, as well as fiber, which cleanses the colon and causes digestive regularity. The chlorophyll in the greens oxygenates your blood and creates alkalinity throughout your system.





Living enzymes in all the raw ingredients give your body active energy. Fruit is the magic ingredient that tastes so delicious. The many varied amino acids in dark leafy greens balance the chemistry in the brain, which reduces cravings for unhealthy stimulants or depressants such as caffeine, sugar, alcohol and nicotine. Try this as an experiment: drink a quart of green smoothie a day and see what falls away!





How to make a green smoothie:


Use about 60% fruit to 40% greens, plus just enough water to run the blender and create the thickness you like best. If greens have woody stems, remove them. Chop all ingredients in pieces small enough for your blender to handle. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice bridges the bitterness in greens with the sweetness of fruit. Fresh ginger root (one inch, minced and blended) can also spice up the flavor of any kale or spinach smoothie.





Here are some tried-and-true combinations. The fruits in parentheses are optional. I’ve suggested banana to sweeten every smoothie, but you could also use pear, apple or mango. Experiment and find your favorites


  • Any variety of Kale, Apple OR Mango OR Pear, Banana (strawberries or raspberries or kiwi)


  • Spinach, Apple OR Peach OR Mango, Lemon, Banana (strawberries or cherries or black mission figs)

  •  Collards, Blueberries OR Peaches, Pear, Banana


  • Arugula OR Celery OR Swiss Chard, Orange, Banana (strawberries, peaches)


  • Romaine OR Clover Sprouts, Apple OR Pear, Strawberries, Banana


  • Parsley OR Cilantro, Mango, Banana (strawberries, pineapple)


  • Beet greens, Apple, Ginger, Lemon, Banana

(The above was taken from’s free download)




It is important to vary the greens you use every other day or so, because greens have alkaloids, which are fine in small quantities, but slightly toxic if you eat the same green day after day.  Some plants These “toxins” were evidently placed there by God to prevent foraging animals (or humans for that matter) from eating too many of a plant’s leaves at one time – since the plant needs some leaves remaining, with which to manufacutre chlorophyll.  I find it very interesting how God provided a natural way to preserve plant life. 




Here are some resources that give more information about green smoothies.

Disclaimer:  I do not necessarily agree with all the ideas presented in any of the websites I share.  For instance, I’ve noticed The Green Smoothie Revolution’s website references evolutionary processes as explanations for things such as toxins in leafy greens.  It makes perfectly good sense that, as I mentioned above, God is the Origin of all things in the natural world, not plants “deciding” to do certain things. 🙂  Unfortunately because eating raw and healthy is no longer the norm fo r society, those who do eat this way often are seen as radical and some REALLY ARE radical in a negative sense, and delve into the New Age beliefs.                                      (Specifics about GS and recipes)                                                                     (home page for Raw Family’s green smoothie information…has story of Clent Manech, who…”lost 180 pounds, became free of diabetes symptoms, returned to normal blood pressure, naturally shrunk the hanging skin without surgery, and climbed to the top of Mount Whitney – the tallest mountain in the U.S. at 14,497 feet – all in only 8 months! ” .  He largely credits green smoothies as a component of his success. (very interesting blog about GS) (more detailed info about GS)


4 thoughts on “green smoothies

  1. Thanks for all the info on this! I am going to make green smoothies for Stewart and me a little later this evening with organic baby romaine, a red delicious apple, frozen wild blueberries, frozen strawberries and a banana. I will let you know what we think!

  2. This is the 2nd post I’ve seen just this morning on green smoothies. I’ve been told before that I need to eat more greens, and your post is very encouraging. I’m off to buy a blender…

  3. I can’t wait to hear how you all enjoy your smoothies. Kyla (I’m assuming is your name…) I don’t guess I know you…did you just happen upon my blog through searching for green smoothies? Either way…welcome…I’m not the authority on green smoothies, but am happy to have found out about them, too! I’d love to hear how you enjoy them!

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