smoothie combinations

Here are some smoothie recipes I’ve tried and like.


2 pears

2 bananas

1 apple

2 stalks celery

handful of spinach + some baby greens I threw in, too

(turns out a nice deep green)



(This may be my favorite yet!)

1 mango

about 1 cup frozen raspberries (1/2 rather small bag of organic Cascadian Farms)

1 banana

several handfuls of baby greens (didn’t measure)

(Note: this turns out a little more brown but is delicious!)

This morning, I used 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 banana, and 1/2 head of romaine lettuce.  It tasted more “green” than some of the others but still pretty good.

Your body is jumping for joy with all the good nutrition it is receiving!


2 thoughts on “smoothie combinations

  1. HI! So, 2 smoothies out of one bag? I love frozen fruit but its so expensive! Didnt know if you had a secret on making it cheaper. If you were replacing meals with these I could see more, do they keep you full? I am reading, keep the recipes coming. The pear one you did in your juicer right? The mango one I could do in my blender. (?) Thanks!

  2. Hi Sarah! So far I’ve done them all in a Vita-Mix but a blender should work fine. I forgot the celery in the pear one when I initially wrote this post.

    I know, the frozen fruit is kind of expensive. You can freeze your own bananas but the other frozen fruits, especially when they’re organic, can be quite pricey! They are quite satisfying, depending on how much you drink (2-3 cups). They can serve as breakfast although you might want an additional piece of fruit soon after.

    I haven’t gotten too technical with figuring cost per serving or how many servings each recipe makes…since my whole family has been eating them, too.

    The mango recipe probably made 2 cups. I’ll try to be more specific for future reference!

    Let me know if you try them and what works for you all!

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