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Vision Forum has a delightful news section produced by very youthful correspondents.  I think you will find them most delightful!

Here are a few of my favorites!

Taking Care of the Ladies



Versatile Vertebrae



Laundry Detail



Family Instruments


Ten P’s in a Pod

TenPs in a pod

Once again, Behemoth is offering a free download, this time of an entire audiobook.  Of the Entrepreceurial Boot Camp messages I’ve listened to, Arnold Pent III is one of my favorite speakers.  He and his son are the authors of Ten P’s in a Pod, and Mr. Pent himself is the reader. 

Just go to www.behemoth.com, set up an account (if needed), log in, locate the book, Ten P’s In a Pod located under Top Audio Books, click on it, and add it to your cart.  It will tell you then that it’s free (it’s not advertised on the home page).