laying down idols – leslie ludy

Leslie Ludy has written a new book, “Set Apart Femininity”.  Click to read an adapted chapter excerpt.  I think you’ll find it both challenging and inspiring!


Personal Note regarding the following quote from this article:

“As I allowed God’s Word to speak to my heart, I realized that asking that question would not lead to the stuffy, legalistic, no-fun version of Christianity I was so turned-off by.”

This sentence troubled me.  

While having a Pharisaichal spirit is definitely not part of Jesus’ definition of a set apart life, what appears to some to be “stuffy, legalistic, and a n0-fun version of Christianity”,  might possibly be simply living out personal convictions that make others uncomfortable. 

I agree some people have a no-fun attitude towards living for Christ because they are doing what they are doing because they feel they have to, rather than doing it for the right reasons and thus experiencing joy in a life poured out to Christ.  I believe this is what turns people off.  I believe that, coupled with living out personal convictions or decisions made to live, dress, and behave in certain ways that greatly conflict with the surrounding culture, our lives should be spilling over with joy because we are in a love relationship with our King! 

God’s ways (be they the kind of conversations we engage in, the dress code we abide by, the places we choose to go, the biblical moral laws we live by) are intended for our highest good and pleasure.  What a reason to rejoice!


One thought on “laying down idols – leslie ludy

  1. I loved the quote: “A pure heart is one to which all that is not of God is strange and jarring.”

    All too often it’s easy to instead become comfortable and familiar with the things of the world that are not of God. It’s a fine line sometimes to be “in the world but not of the world”. We can’t forget that we are strangers and pilgrims here, that this world is not truly our home!


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