Happy 39th Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful parents!

The Wedding Day ~ August 30, 1070

The Wedding Day ~ August 30, 1970

Dad & Mother

(One of my favorite amateur shots - taken the day my cousin graduated from college a couple of years ago, in front of Immanuel Baptist Church.)

 Still in love!


8 thoughts on “Happy 39th Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful parents!

  1. Happy anniversary to Bro. Mike and Sis. Geralene! These are 2 great pics of 2 great people! 🙂 However, you might want to fix the caption under the wedding day picture. According to that date, they’ve been married for 939 years… Only perhaps Methusaleh could have that record! Sorry for the correction; must be the teacher in me! 😉

  2. Jonathan – that’s funny, I didn’t even notice. haha

    Rachel – no, sorry, not coming down for the meeting 😦 Wish we could. We might be down in November though 🙂 How have you been? I miss you!!

  3. Doing well…my little homeschool buddy went off to public school this year…didn’t know if I had told you or not. So, I’ve taken on a few more classes at the music school. Took a couple of graduate courses this summer thinking I might get a full time teaching position at a local christian school. Ended up I didn’t get one but that’s okay…I’m quite happy with my schedule…Mondays and Fridays off (to sub or be free to devote time to other things like playing with my great little cousin, Alexis :-)). Also, did you know Daniel and Autumn are having a baby…a boy! She’s due February 7! First grandchild on either side!

    I would so enjoy spending time with you guys again…maybe in November!

  4. Gina,

    If you guys come in November will it be over a weekend? I’m teaching full-time now, so hopefully it will work out that I’ll get to see you some! (Rachel, thanks for letting me use your blog for a message board! 🙂 )


  5. Congrats to your brother and sister in law! That’s awesome. I am sure we will be there over some part of a weekend:) Definitely need to hang with you guys. I miss my KY family!

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