Scripture memorization

Some time ago my friend, Gian, gave me a copy of Psalm 119 set to music (harmonized acapella singing).  Each section is presented as a separate “song” making it very doable.  In fact, some of the children at church memorized the first section rather easily after us singing and working on it weekly for a time. 

I have not committed the entire passage to memory but by it being set to music it is amazing how much more easily memorized it is! 

Click here to download it and other passages free!  (Scroll down a bit.)

The site states this:

“The above Scripture songs are in public domain. It is your privilege to copy and make it available to any who could benefit by it, as long as you include the following contact information:

Michael E. Owens, 2080 W Route 897, Denver, PA 17517
E-mail: //
Frederick Steinruck, P.O. Box 58, Parkerford, PA 19457;
Phone: 610-495-6230.”


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