update on Autumn…

After spending a week or so in the hospital, Autumn was released with orders for strict bedrest.  Now, a week later, after testing her protein levels again, they have dropped.  Considerably.  Lower than the doctor ever anticipated they would.  This rarely happens.  Her protein levels should be 0.  If they reach 300 or over, hospitalization is considered mandatory.  Emergency C-sections are usually done only if it reaches 3000.  Autumn’s had reached over 600 while in the hospital.  Yesterday, they were determined to be under 300.  This is what the doctor predicted would NOT happen before delivery. 

We are most thankful to our heavenly Father, Who once again showed His mercy and favor in our family.  Praise be to His Name!  Please continue to pray that all will go well and that she can go full term until the Baby is ready to come.  She will be 35 weeks Sunday.


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