God’s instruction and promise for the day

Philippians 4:6-8

Be careful (ANXIOUS) for NOTHING.

BUT…by prayer and supplication WITH THANKSGIVING let your request be made known unto God.

And the PEACE OF GOD which passeth all understanding shall KEEP YOUR HEARTS AND MINDS THROUGH CHRIST JESUS.

I was prompted by a troubled dream to cry out to God this morning as I awoke for the day.  My thoughts ran across the passage in scripture about being anxious for nothing.  I took my Bible and rather quickly found it.  As I continued reading I noticed something else that caught my attention, as I had recently heard a minister saying we needed to engage in more prayer and supplication…and I noticed the part about making my request made known to God with thanksgiving.  Tears flowed freely as I cried out to Him and also began to thank Him for specific instances where I know His intervening mercy and protection brought victory where there could have been great tragedy. 

Interestingly enough, the very next verse is about what we should think on…whatsoever is TRUE, HONEST, JUST, PURE, LOVELY, OF GOOD REPORT.   

Instructing my THOUGHTS to focus on the provisions and gifts of my Heavenly Father cultivates gratefulness. 

Thankfulness cultivates LOVE for my Heavenly Father because it reminds me of His graciousness and provision in my life.

Thankfulness wards off DISCONTENT for it focuses on the good yet sometimes overlooked things I DO HAVE. 

Thankfulness is reflected in JOY because it directs my thoughts to the truth of the goodness of God in my life versus CIRCUMSTANTIAL HAPPINESS.

Thankfulness and being anxious for nothing, coupled with prayer and supplication, produces PEACE because rather than being in a constant state of frustration and worry, I do what I can about a problematic situation (pray and make my request known to God or do whatever it is I can do on my end to make the situation better) and trust in my Almighty Father to do His part. 

When I do all I can do and trust God for the part I cannot do, that is peace.





2 thoughts on “God’s instruction and promise for the day

  1. Thank you so much for this post, Sis. Rachel. I appreciate your thoughts. I especially liked the last sentence. Hope you are doing well. I have enjoyed seeing the photos of Daniel’s baby. He sure is a cutie! I’m certain you all are spoiling him ROTTEN! ;0)

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