a new favorite of Haelen

 A new favorite photo of my adorable nephew and me!


trusting in the Lord vs. leaning to my own understanding

Perhaps you have no trouble trusting the Lord, but I find myself struggling in this area at times.  It seems so ridiculous to have a problem like this when I truly reflect on WHO GOD IS (Genesis 1-2, Job 38-41, Isaiah 40). 

Think about this.  He designed air that is just right to breathe, plants that produce tiny little seeds with the ability to produce the same kind of plant again, soil that has all the nutrients needed to grow those plants, a water distillation system for the entire planet, warmth from the sun (placed at just the right distance so as to warm us and grow our food but not burn us up or be too far away so as to allow us to freeze to death), designed the complexity of the human body, designed the perfect formation of new life within a mother’s womb, designed the human brain (imagine…as highly as we regard intelligent people who invent, etc. GOD CONSTRUCTED that brain and gave it it’s capabilities), created a vast array of plant life and animal life, designed and created the preciousness of gold and silver and hid them to be found by man and so much more.

This is the God I struggle with trusting?!  It truly seems ridiculous that it should be even the smallest of issues.

After being very encouraged in the Lord due to a very enriching time of testimonies and prayer in the Spirit at church Sunday morning, and after reading Genesis 1 and 2 on Monday morning – the account of the creation of the world and everything in it – when I read Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding” I felt more inclined to trust with ALL my heart.  I had been reminded of how trustworthy He is.  (This is one reason it is so important, and even vital to the health of our relationship with God, to gather with other believers and to stay buried in His word). 

It seems easier to trust God for certain things than for others.  Trusting Him with ALL my heart for ALL my life for ALL my needs (honestly I think it’s my wants that I end up being mostly concerned about because He truly supplies ALL my needs) is what I have more difficulty doing. 

In considering what trust entails, I think of this story I once read about South Seas missionary, John G. Paton.  He went to evangelize the cannibalistic natives in the New Hebrides Islands.  Paton’s life and work as a missionary is very interesting.  But this particular incident from his time there is a vivid word picture defining believing and trusting in God. 

Paton was in the process of translating the book of John from the Bible into the natives’ language.  He found there was no readily available word in their language that would mean believe, faith or trust (different sites referenced different words).  One day a native who had been out running very hard rushed into John Paton’s missionary house and flopping himself down in a chair said “It’s good to rest my whole weight on this chair”.  That’s it! Paton realized, I’ll translate faith as “resting one’s whole weight on God.

When I believe a chair will hold me I sit down in it. 

When I believe a bridge will stay suspended while I walk it’s breadth I walk across. 

When I believe an airplane will transport me safely to my destination I cross the walkway and board the plane. 

A being verb (state of existence) followed by an action verb (physical action).

When I BELIEVE and RECEIVE His salvation plan (it involves action as well as believing for even the devils believe), when I ACCEPT and FOLLOW what His word tells me to do (again putting it into practice not just accepting it in theory), it’s then I am resting my full weight in that WHAT HE SAYS IS TRUE and that DOING THINGS HIS WAY is what will lead me to Heaven.  Isn’t that simple?!


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creative decorating ideas

The Inspired Room (an inspirational site for personalized simple decorating) had a post with these creative suggestions for decorating.

Here is a favorite picture and list from the post.

Consider creative ways to display every day items like:

Art supplies
Pantry Items
Oils & Vinegars
Fruits & Veggies
Pots, Pans, Baking Dishes
Dress Shoes
Coffee mugs
Decorative Books
Serving Pieces