in memory of Grandmother Audie

Today would have been my paternal Grandmother Audie’s birthday. 
She was a very proper lady.
She cooked wonderful Thanksgiving meals (of which my cousin Brian and I especially enjoyed her pecan pies and the Blackhawk Bakery rolls that were present :-)).
She was faithful to God, living out I Peter 1:3-4 resulting in the salvation of her husband.
She raised her little boys to be faithful to God and I am the grateful recipient of that in my father today.
When going on trips with our family she would always bring Andrew, Daniel and me little special treats – books, games, etc – to make the trip more enjoyable.
She endured the horrible effects of Huntington’s disease as it slowly took her life.
I have heard that when my grandmother and her sister, Eria Lillian, were young, it was a perpetual dicussion between the younger ladies in our church as to which sister was more beautiful 🙂
Today I rise up and call her blessed.
I love you, Grandmother Audie!!

Raymond Haston and Audie Emma (Hamilton) Hunt


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