in memory of Grandmother Nellie

Today would have been my maternal Grandmother Nellie’s birthday.

She was one of the finest examples of a godly woman I will ever know.

She loved God and His Word passionately.

She raised two little twin daughters by herself (her older two children already being married) after losing her husband when my mother and Aunt Murielene were only 9 years old.

She had an experience with the Lord one time where she felt a presence on one side of her and heard the words “I am yours”.  The presence then moved to the other side of her and said “And you are mine.”  This is an amazing account that I will always hold dear.

She had apple trees that seemed just perfect for climbing (but alas, were forbidden to do so on because the limbs broke so easily), a press that produced wonderful apple cider, and loved to give us apple slice snacks when we came to her house.

Thanksgiving with her children and grandchildren was a most exciting time.  There were so many of us we had to rent the community center.

She has a total of 21 living grandchildren (most of which met her before she left this earth and one who died as an infant).  She now has over 35 great-grandchildren and a number of great-great-grandchildren.

She has left a very wonderful heritage for me.

Today I rise up and call her blessed.

I love you Grandmother Nellie!

Granddaddy Robert Murrell and Grandmother Nellie Mable (Howle) Schmidt


2 thoughts on “in memory of Grandmother Nellie

  1. I remember Sis. Schmidt! What a beautiful example she was to us! I had a very special experience with her one time at church that I will never forget.

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