random scenes from Israel


The airplane monitor tells us we’re almost there!

Andrew at the Western Wall

Archway at…I think…Bet Shean

Taking notes at Bet Shean

Bet Shean with Mt. Gilboa (where King Saul and sons were slain) in background

Roman Aqueduct at Caesarea – on Mediterranean Sea coast

Ruins of Caesarea on Mediterranean

Theater at Caesarea – most likely the very stones where Paul stood and gave his testimony before Herod Agrippa I, Festus, and Felix


View of Dead Sea from En Gedi (where David hid from Saul and where he cut off part of Saul’s robe)

Getting ready to float in the Dead Sea.  Some of us found some neat things to wear – kind of like a skirt with the bottom sewed together except for two holes cut out.  They were selling them by the dozen downtown Jerusalem. 

(l-r…Kari Kloehn, Brooke Ratliff holding baby sister, Alexis, Amy Parker, Sis. Earlene Parker, mom, me, Elyshah Narlock, Courtney Hogg, Amber Ratliff, Moriah Narlock, Jane Beimal, Sis. Kimberly Narlock, and Louella Parker

On the theme of finding modest clothing…I”ll throw this in here (even though it doesn’t particularly relate to the Dead Sea)…It seemed skirts were everywhere in Jerusalem!  We felt very in place. 🙂 

Andrew (farthest back) floating in Dead Sea

Dad and Mom retreating from their float

Me floating in the Dead Sea – I might add that it tastes horrible – much worse that regular salt water in the ocean. 



9 thoughts on “random scenes from Israel

  1. Oh Rachel! These pictures are so beautiful! I so wish I could be there someday. I hope you all had a wonderful time. Are you home now? I was thinking of coming up for a visit;)

    Miss you my friend.

  2. Hey there! We have over 900 pictures and I’m trying to work on creating a slideshow to present at church and share with friends.

    It was a wonderful trip. I feel so thankful I was able to go. I hope you can go someday. Aaron said he had been, right?

    We are home now…when do you think you might be coming?! Give me a call and let me know…love to see you!

    • Hi Jenn – Great to hear from you. Btw how did the cake contest go? I’ve looked a couple times on your blog trying to see if there was an update. You did superb work no matter what the tangible reward!

      Israel was wonderful. We had a great time!

  3. Sis. Rachel –

    How wonderful to be able to go to Israel! I’m sure it was a wonderful experience. I heard that Bro. Parker spoke on his trip at one of our local Fellowship Meetings but I had to miss that meeting. I would love to be able to go over there one day.

    On a side note, I love your blog. Such encouraging posts!

    ~ Sis. Jessica

    • Hi Jessica! It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to see Bible history (as well as prophecy unfulfilled as of yet) up close and in person! I, too, hope you are able to go someday.

      I visited your blog and was quite amazed at the artistic creations you have designed! They are beautiful.

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