memories from Thanksgiving Day

Each of us tried out Dad’s new cross bow that morning.  Very nice…kind of like a cross between a bow and a gun.

Dad shooting his new cross bow


Andrew trying out Dad's new cross bow


My mother about to test Dad's cross bow


I tried out the cross bow and got a bull's eye twice!

My first bull's eye with the cross bow

I spent some time gathering herbs in my dear neighbor's peaceful garden. Thank you Sis. June!

Then it was on to visit and eat with family and friends!

Andrew and Alexis


My "sisters"!


Spending time with the precious little ones in my life!


2 thoughts on “memories from Thanksgiving Day

  1. Great pictures! I love the one with you carrying the basket of herbs…that is so Rachel Hunt. 🙂 And the picture of you reading to the little ones is precious. You should have it framed. Those are moments that are NEVER wasted. I remember when I did that with my nieces…treasured memories.

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