Flour Tortillas


(Picture credit)

(Pictures not mine but good inspiration!  Serving food attractively is half the fun of cooking!)

Due to less than best ingredients being added to tortillas on the shelves at the supermarket, we try to refrain from buying them.  I have tried my hand at making my own but somehow usually don’t have the success I’d hoped for.  Today, while about to prepare lunch for my brother Andrew, I decided to grind some flour and try another recipe for flour tortillas.  I found this one and was well pleased, as were the other members of my family who tried it!  I tried using both an electric tortilla maker (ETM) as well as the rolling pin and hot skillet.  Both worked.  The ETM yielded smaller sized tortillas (as ours is a rather small one) and the skillet could accomodate a larger size.  I think as far as appearance goes…the ETM produced a prettier tortilla since it presses it out into a more well rounded shape than did my rolling pin!

I cooked up some meat and seasoned it to taste with cumin, salt, garlic, onion, black pepper, a tiny bit of cayenne pepper.  Mom chopped up some fresh tomato, whipped up some guacamole (mashed avocado with salt and garlic and sometimes salsa added), and we added salsa and grated raw cheese to produce a virtually homemade taco (prepared salsa was storebought).  Oh…and we didn’t make the cheese 🙂 , although I’m hoping to try making both cheese and butter sometime!   

Recently when I made this sort of meal (using a healthy package of corn tortillas instead) I also sauteed onion and green pepper in a skillet, adding frozen organic corn and canned black beans (drained and rinsed) seasoned comparably to the meat above.  This was a VERY yummy little dish to eat on the taco or taco salad if you put it on lettuce and use tortillas on the side or served just as a side dish!

Here’s a link to the site touting this easy tortilla recipe.  My alterations made it look like this:


3 cups spelt flour (could have used soft pastry but spelt was readily available at the time)

3 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon celtic sea salt

dab of honey

3 Tablespoons coconut oil (more if you want them softer)

1 cup warm water

(I spooned the rather firm room temperature coconut oil into the warm water to melt first.)

Divide into 10 balls. 

Use rolling pin to roll out flat tortillas of your desired shape (I seemed to need a floured surface to dust them with flour for rolling but that also made my tortillas be a bit floury on the outside). 


Put ball in middle of electric tortilla maker and press until spread out well.  I flipped mine and pressed a bit again.  (I probably need to read the users manual and become a bit better at using the ETM press.  If you press too much it can explode or break up the tortilla.  If you don’t press enough it doesn’t become thin enough.  Farily thin tortillas are what you are after.  Also, I just estimated how long to leave the top down…not very long.)



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