picture windows and quiet sketches

I have enjoyed reading (and viewing) many things found at Rare and Beautiful Treasures – a blog I stumbled upon one day.  This story of the Picture Window she shared today was particularly precious…a reminder of how God knows the desires of our heart and loves to fulfill them. 


It also reminded me of my friend, Nancy’s, story…

Nancy was here in the states as a missionary from the Philippines, working with children who had special needs.  At one point while she was here, working so diligently and feeling exhaustion much of the time – she felt the need for some alone time (a rarity for her) and sat down to sketch out her heart’s desire at that moment for a peaceful setting in which to be – it included a backdrop of mountains with a small cabin (reminiscent of the huts from home in the Philippines) and a bird flying by in the sky.  Her feelings now expressed on paper, she tucked her drawing away and returned to her work.

Sometime passed before she was invited to travel with friends to the mountains of the Ozarks – in Branson.  One day, she stepped out of the little cabin they were staying in – and found a quiet spot to pray and think.  She had her camera along and at some point took it out and shot a photo of the serene landscape.  When she looked at the sight she had just captured on camera, she was reminded of the sketch she had made some time back – when she was longing for a peaceful quiet time like this.  As her fingers pulled the sketch out she looked back and forth and was amazed to find essentially the same picture…complete with the bird flying overhead.  How special it was for her to be shown in a very personal way that God knows our hearts even desires we don’t specifically pray for…but just long for…and He delights in bringing us joy!
Nancy…if ever you are reading this and want to share the pictures with the story (and edit it for I may have not remembered the story exactly)…I would love for you to do so and would love to share them here on my blog!