May gratitude

dandelion images

May gratitude…penned down

  1. everyone together in one place
  2. eagerly listening to the plot thicken as my father tells a story
  3. finding new growth in the garden
  4. time spent with kindred spirits
  5. listening to Modeline sing
  6. pouring my heart out with streaming tears and unknown tongues before my Heavenly Father
  7. listening to the Morgan trio sing “God Can Do Anything With Anything”
  8. meeting Kim Collingsworth – and being moved by her gracious, honest sincerety coupled with an unpretentious godly beauty
  9. playing peek-a-boo with Haelen and watching his perfect little face erupt into a mile-wide smile of laughter
  10. listening to Alexis’ precious little voice singing “God Can Do Anything With Anything”
  11. scrumptious sweet organic strawberries
  12. repentance over my sin
  13. delighting in investing in others
  14. being amazed at the color blue with which God painted the sky and the billowing snowy white clouds placed upon it
  15.  reminders of gratefulness (quotes by Kent Crockett)
  16. reading “A Thousand Shall Fall”
  17. browsing the discount aisle at Michael’s with Kerria and oohing and aahing over aprons, recipe cards and recipe boxes

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