self denial


It’s Tuesday, morning stuff happening…awakening, a call to check on a friend who’s now appendix-less as of last night, breakfast with my sweet Alexis cousin, a call to check and see if we are going to pick the beans today and journey through the woods to learn to can them, Bible story / animal book time, apron on doing dishes with her, then at her request the “Red River and God’s People” story aka God turning the Nile River into blood, along with frogs, flies, etc., and then a quick (supposed to be…I’m still here…typing this now) check to confirm that my friend is right about freezing zucchini and squash without blanching (which I still have to find out) but I check out Ann’s blog and read about this daily principle which my carnal nature seeks to avoid…

Matthew 10:38

And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me,

is not worthy of me.

I try to digest this. 

I must take [receive, accept, take, hold] my cross of self-denial, [exposure to death (of self)], or else I am not worthy [suitable, deserving, comparable] of HIM.

Who do I think I am, silently demanding my own way – thinking it will bring my happiness? 

Something in me MUST die…to self…and live…to Christ. 

I think about this verse, what I read in the blog about letting patience (which comes through tribulation) have her perfect work (complete with pressure cooker,  steam and all) that it will yield the peaceable fruits of righteousness (HIS nature) and I think…perhaps a green bean canning session is in order after all.

Pressure Cooker



2 thoughts on “self denial

  1. I love your blog. You have so many interesting things to share. I love the garden in the city that does give me hope here in the middle of East Alton that someday I may have a garden in this terrible soil. You are a blessing!! Keep up the great blogging!!

    • Hello Rhonda! So good to hear from you!!! Isn’t the city garden so inspiring?!!!!!! I have garlic bulbs lying in my lap and am on my way out to plant them, as one of my gardener friends (the one who gave the canning lesson) says right now is the time to pull the cloves apart and plant them so I’ll have fresh garlic to pick next July. I have so much to learn but little by little, through failure and triumph, knowledge is slowly taking root and I hope someday to be able to pass on things I have learned to others.

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