paradise found

Self-forgetful.  God-centered.  Other(‘s needs)-mindful.  The most blissful and wonderful of states in which to exist.




Remember this…

The pictures. Grey. Billowing smoke. Ashes that threaten to bury everything around it.

The people. Last moments of life filled with fear. The looking down. Not knowing which is worse. Fire behind or the decision to jump.

The families. The last phone calls. The prayers and the hopes.

The memories. The missed voices and smiles. The tears that commemorate.

My eyes welling up with wet as I see, as I listen this morning. My heart longing for the world to come where things of this nature never happen.

And then my eyes take this in…

“Fear not; I am the first and the last:”

Revelation 1:17

And I am reminded.

In all our remembering this weekend, remember this…HE is our ONLY HOPE. And that I am HIS CHILD?! No matter what happens here, HE holds ME in the palm of HIS HAND and only the best is yet to come.

back to {home} school thoughts…

In my opinion, these are some basic important things that should be the foundation for every home {school}…


1. Order – Children learn to honor, love, and obey (knowing their parents love them), have a routine (that is managed by parents to be a good servant but not their master), have chores/responsibilities and know they are a part of the family team that makes the home a happy “well-oiled machine”. 


2. Devotion to God – Children are daily read Bible stories along with passages straight out of the Bible by their father especially and/or mother, pray individually and as a family, learn that the reason their family does everything they do is because of God and the principles He has given, realizing His ways are best for them – to give them the greatest happiness in this life – and the one to come!


3. Togetherness – Work together, play together and enjoy doing it together!

4. Character Training – not a “subject” to be studied so much as example training.  Joyfulness, Thankfulness, Forgiveness, Repentance, Humility, Love, Meekness (controlled strength), Generosity, and so many more are “caught more than taught”.  A thankful happy heart makes everything seem possible!

5. Projects – small, simple but doable things that fathers can help sons do and mothers can help daughters do (or all together…some things don’t matter, some do….I just think it is MAJORLY important for Dad to be very involved as much as he can be – especially with a son!  And the projects are important (building something, painting something – whether it is just a “made-up” project for them or not) because they can experience success with completing a project and feeling that sense of accomplishment and learning a new skill.


6. Serving others – it is so good for children to be involved in doing something for somebody else – learning to serve others and think past themselves (as opposed to just focusing on meeting their own needs) – this might include visiting the sick at hospitals, home, or nursing home (singing, quoting scripture, making cookies, coloring pictures/cards for others), making dinner for family or friends, or even doing a chore for a sibling “just because”!


7. Outdoor Time – Free play outside, romping about and exploring God’s big outdoor playground – observing little creatures and then looking up info about them online or in a book from the library is real authentic learning!


8. Read aloud Time – Reading good quality books/stories (in addition to Bible stories) that encourage children to develop good character, manners, and correct mindsets for the way they should behave and treat parents and each other as well as stimulating their minds and forming new wrinkles in grey matter – makes for enjoyable bonding and learning time.


9. Academics – basic 3 Rs – Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic!  It is true that you can fit just about everything in one of those categories!  Science and History can be learned from reading interesting stories about famous people or animals and nature.  Utilize the library, but I would recommend using discretion (wrong character mindsets about how to treat parents, etc. and concepts such as evolution are embedded in way too many books)! 


10. Keep it simple and ENJOY your children!  Their little kid days are numbered!  


11. Patience and Understanding – DON’T EXPECT ALL CHILDREN TO LEARN THE SAME WAY OR AT THE SAME PACE!  Celebrate and delight in each child’s unique skills, abilities and learning styles.  Some may be able to sit still and be a bit more of a book learner (although none need sit still for too long a time).  Although all need to learn to focus and listen, shorter (gradually progressing to longer – depending on age and maturity) periods of “sit-still” time are a good way to start. 

I am not the most experienced person but I have been homeschooled [and have helped homeschool others], and do enjoy this subject of homeschooling – which is really all about discipling your children in the Lord (and academics are just part of that).


I really enjoyed this homeschooling blog post over at Leading Little Hearts Home.