Remember this…

The pictures. Grey. Billowing smoke. Ashes that threaten to bury everything around it.

The people. Last moments of life filled with fear. The looking down. Not knowing which is worse. Fire behind or the decision to jump.

The families. The last phone calls. The prayers and the hopes.

The memories. The missed voices and smiles. The tears that commemorate.

My eyes welling up with wet as I see, as I listen this morning. My heart longing for the world to come where things of this nature never happen.

And then my eyes take this in…

“Fear not; I am the first and the last:”

Revelation 1:17

And I am reminded.

In all our remembering this weekend, remember this…HE is our ONLY HOPE. And that I am HIS CHILD?! No matter what happens here, HE holds ME in the palm of HIS HAND and only the best is yet to come.


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