It’s here!!!…Modeline’s book

Born out of adversity, God Really Works All Things Out for Your Good! was written by my dear friend, Modeline Fenelon, and is now available to purchase here online!

How the book came about…

“The difficult times in my life caused me to seek affirmation from the Lord, that in the end, He really was going to work everything out for my good. One particular day, I began listening to the book of Ruth on my audio Bible, as I felt too down to read it for myself. As I heard the passage being read about how God used Leah to “build the house of Israel,” I experienced an “aha” moment. I felt assured that if God worked something good out of Leah’s terrible situation—using her in such an amazing way—that He, too, would work all my trials for my good. Things began to make sense for me. It was then that I felt the nudge from God to write a book about this concept. Only moments later, I received a totally unexpected text message from someone I rarely communicate with, that related to this very subject. It was the confirmation I needed to proceed with the book.”

Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite!

“Far too many of us, including myself, have, without realizing it, somehow come to view God more like the proverbial “genie in a bottle” who is ready to grant us our every wish. Serving God, however, is not a ticket to a dreamy life free of hardship and difficulties. What is true is that we can trust God to eventually work all things out for our good. We must accept, however, that this will happen on His timetable, not ours. The Christian journey through life is often difficult, but once we grasp the fact that God is not trying to trick us or hurt us, we will be able to understand what He is doing in our lives. God is for us. He has no intention of hurting us and is certainly not trying to trick you or me. It is always “good” from where God is sitting.”

Order your copy today!

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