Books & Websites

God’s Smuggler – Brother Andrew 

The faith-building story of a God-transformed life – dedicated to taking the gospel behind closed doors.  One of my absolute favorite books.

Through Gates of Splendor – Elisabeth Elliot

The story of five men- Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Roger Youderian, Ed McCully, and Pete Fleming – who paid the ultimate price to take the gospel to those who’d never heard it. 

Let Me Be A Woman – Elisabeth Elliot

A treatise on God’s design of womanhood.  Written as a compilation of letters from Elisabeth to her own daughter about to be married.

The Challenge – Carolyn (no last name given) by Zayin Publishing and available by requesting via mail or online here.   

Zayin Publishing

P.O. Box 571

Wilkes-Barre, PA  18703

or email:

A novel about trusting God for a spouse/bible study on prayer.  Highly recommended.

End of the Spear – Steve Saint

A continuation of the “Through Gates of Splendor” story as Nate Saint’s son, Steve, retells and shares his own family’s account of living in Ecuador with the people who though they killed his father have, through a saving knowledge of Jesus, become his own family.

Chasing the Dragon – Jackie Pullinger

The amazing story of what God did through the life of a young English woman who gave her all to those living in The Walled City in Hong Kong.  Story after story tells of the Holy Ghost’s infilling giving deliverance to addicts of the worst kind.  

Passionate Housewifes Desperate for God – Jennie Chancey and Stacey McDonald

An inspiring treatise on the high calling of being a wife and mother.  Highly recommended.                    

Family Man, Family Leader – Phil Lancaster

A treatise on being a husband and father.  Highly recommended.

I wanted to share some of the encouraging, enlightening, and empowering speakers, bloggers, authors, I’ve been blessed by recently…

Eric Ludy – The Bravehearted Gospel

In a nutshell this book is a call to embrace the life of Christ sum total…mercy and forgiveness (what he defines as the feminine side of truth) as well as the manly side of truth – being courageous, strong, convicted, and passionate about living out the example Jesus gave to follow, seeking God’s favor versus the world’s. Prepare to be challenged and inspired!  A book to keep and revisit often. (I may share excerpts from this book in a blog post all its own). 

K.P. Yohannan – Revolution in World Missions

The answer of a mother’s effectual fervent prayer for God to call one of her sons to the ministry which has now affected much of Asia through his dedication to assist native ministers in spreading the Gospel throughout Asia to their own people.

David Barton – WallBuilders

My brother, Andrew, and I were both privileged to hear this incredibly gifted mind speak in our town not long ago.  I had heard him speak (not in person) before and thought I probably wouldn’t be hearing any new things (not that I had such an excellent memory that I remembered anything at all from what I heard before but just that sometimes you feel you already know the gist of what you are going to hear).  All that said, I am so glad I went!  As I mentioned, he is incredibly gifted, that being that he has a superb memory bank of detailed information which flowed from him, obviously having spent an enormous amount of time amassing information about the godly heritage our country possesses.  There was no way (this time either) that I could remember everything I heard but I did go away with a better understanding that God and the Bible played a bigger part of the founding of our country than what is thought or understood by most people – including me.  Afterward I went to his website to revisit some ideas I remembered him speaking about such as the Biblical principles contained in our laws, the fact that taxation without representation was NOT the primary reason for which we separated from England (I”m sure everyone knows this but somehow it has managed to be the most familiar idea and the most propogated in history textbooks it seems), and the fact that aside from Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin (the two least religious signers) nearly half of the signers of the Declaration of Independence had seminary or Bible college educations.  It made me want to delve into our laws and understand them from a Biblical & Christian perspective.

Rebecca Jones – Leading Little Hearts Home

I definitely found a kindred spirit in much of her mindset toward training and educating children. I love her calm, focused, dedication coupled with an humble spirit before God as she daily works to train her children in the ways of Christ.  Very beautiful attitudes displayed.

Simply Charlotte Mason

Great examples, ideologies, books, and inspiration for homeschooling. Charlotte Mason advocated living books rather than textbooks for learning about…anything…living books being books that draw you into an actual story depicting the realities of what it would be like to experience what you are learning about rather than only reading about it. The Story of Jashub and Letters from Egypt are two books they have available which captured my attention.

Disclaimer: as with any books or websites…I cannot say I 100% agree with every detail but the main thrust of what I gained from the aforementioned was very edifying!

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