happy birthday andrew!

Twenty-eight years ago yesterday we moved into the house we live in today.  Very early the next morning a special little baby boy was born in that house.  His name…Andrew Michael Hunt.  Today, I rejoice in that God gave me this brother who has become my friend. 

 Here are my thoughts about him…

28. admirable

27. frugal

26. connoisseur of good music

25. dear to me

24. loves to play Scrabble

23. entrepreneurial in spirit

22. loves to travel

21. manly

20. brave

19. pioneer spirit

18. soul-winner

17. hard worker

16. dreamer

15. goal setter and achiever

14. loves to play Cranium

13. man of principles

12. loyal

11. loved by kids

10. people person

9. has friends of every race, age, gender, and social status

8. spontaneous

7. great salesman

6. respectful

5. generous

4. faithful

3. resolved to allow God to choose his mate

2. missionary-minded

1. godly